Geoff: Cargo Disks

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Geoff: Cargo Disks
Type: Errand
Located at:
New Trismus 
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Geoff the Pawnbroker feels you need to learn the basics about Cargo Disks.

Quest text[edit]

Geoff tells you, Hail Gifted! It is good to see one such as you enjoying the Tradeskills. They are useful, aye they are. But, there is an item that is very useful to any that will be doing work out in the wild with the resources.. What is it? Why, a Cargo Disk, my friend.

Geoff tells you, A cargo disk is what you might consider to be a personal storage device. You drag it around, load it with resources, and haul it back to town or shop or wherever. With a Cargo Disk, and there are many varieties of them, you can haul much more than you normally might.

Geoff tells you, Now, there are three main types of Cargo Disks - Normal, Standish and Tarbash. There are other types around, you may even see them, but they tend to be based off these three. In addition, there are Standard and Deluxe models of each Cargo Disk type.

Geoff tells you, What is the difference? Simple! The amount in bulk or stack you can haul, the speed at which you can drag it, and whether or not you can take one through a teleport gate or recall with it. Tarbash Cargo Disks are very useful if you need a lot of a single type of resource and you can even take it through a teleport gate. But, the downside is that they are very difficult to move and slow you down greatly. --continue--

Geoff tells you, Standish Cargo Disks hold many stacks with less bulk than a Tarbash and also prevent you from using a teleport gate or recalling. But, they are not nearly as hard to drag around. Finally, the normal cargo disk holds more stacks with less bulk than a Standish, with less impact on your speed. But, it still prevents you from teleporting or recalling. --continue--

Geoff tells you, I hope that clears it up a bit for you! You know, I think I have a spare around here somewhere that I can loan you if you like? Yes? Perhaps you'll do me a favor first? Excellent. Simply, run these Caramelized Wolf Ears to Elenna the Gatherer. You'll find her to the west through the Cedar Forest at the Logging Camp.

You have received 5 Caramelized Wolf Ears.

Elenna tells you, Hello <player>, what a fine day it is, wouldn't you agree? Except for these Treants that keep coming close to me while I am trying to cut these logs. What have you there? Caramelized Wolf Ears from Geoff? Oh how wonderful! Thank you, <player>.

Geoff tells you, Thank you, <player>, for delivering those snacks. Elenna is a dear friend and I know her nerves get rattled with those Treants so close. She's not a fighter, you know! Well, you did me a favor so I will return it. As promised, here is a Cargo Disk of your very own. This one is old so it is not quite as good as one the Gifted might make nowadays, but it will serve in a pinch. Take care, <player>!

You have received 1 Refurbished Sandstone Cargo Disk.


  • Listen to Geoff
  • Deliver the Caramelized Wolf Ears to Elenna the Gatherer at the Logging Camp to the West of New Trismus in the Cedar Forest.
  • Return to Geoff the Pawnbroker in New Trismus