Gerix's Quest: Visit the Grand City of Chiconis

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Gerix's Quest: Visit the Grand City of Chiconis
Type: Errand
BattleMaster Gerix 
Located at:
Required adventure school:
Dragon Adventurer 
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
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You have grown strong on Lesser Aradoth and Gerix, your teacher, no longer feels that he can adequately teach you. He now wants to send you to visit one of the great cities of Dragonkind - Chiconis, home of the Helian.

Quest text[edit]

Gerix tells you, Young one, come closer. It is time for you to leave the protection of my wings, <player>, and to venture forth into the world once more. Our people reside in two great cities. The closest is Chiconis, city of crystal and home of the Followers of Helian, and is found to the east within the Granitefall Mountains. The other, and more distant, is known as Dralk and is a city of fire. Dralk is the home of the Followers of Malganival Lunus, but is also the ancestral home of all Dragons.

Gerix tells you, <player>, it is time for you to leave this place and travel east to seek out additional training from the Masters who reside in Chiconis. There you will continue your training. But, Young One, the road to Chiconis is not an easy one. It will test you as surely and as thoroughly as I have.

Gerix tells you, Let us discuss the road you will take. From these sandy beaches travel south along the road and beyond the Crystal Lakes. There you will find the naka community of Lower Bridgeview and a bridge crossing the Sable Straights to the east. From there you will head east to the naka town of Bristugo. Bristugo is a central trading community for many of the naka and even our kind. You will find many Gifted there.

Gerix tells you, From Bristugo you will generally need to travel east to find Chiconis. However, there are no direct roads leading to it and the region between Bristugo and Chiconis has never been what one might call safe... So you will need to be very careful and you might consider asking some of the naka for directions along the way. You may also want to wait on reaching the city until you have gained some more experience. Safe journeys, Young One.

Elissa tells you, Good day to you, <player>. What can I assist you with? The way to Bristugo? Yes, you are on the right road. Keep heading east from here and you will find it!

Annia tells you, Bristugo? Yes, you have found it! The great trading town of Bristugo, hub of the Dalimond Peninsula and the Vandus Confederation. The way to Chiconis? Well, yes, you can reach it from here. Speak with my companion at the south gate, he'll help you out.

Henrik tells you, Hail, <player>. You are seeking Chiconis? You are on the right path! Follow this road south... at the crossroads, take the left fork to King's Cross. Left, <player>! Don't forget that.

Alis tells you, Chiconis you say? I'd be happy to help. Take the road east from here, <player>. Not far down this hill you'll find the Festival Grounds! Turn there and go through them. Its a dirt path, but its the quickest route. Beyond the Festival Grounds the path will go very close to a tomb - be careful and do not enter! Its a dangerous place and you won't want to go there just yet. Beyond the tomb take the left fork in the road through the Dark Forest. Be careful, there are many spiders and Elm Treants in the forest and they are quite aggressive! You may want to run the whole way if you can.

You have located the great city of Chiconis home of the Followers of Helian..



  • Craft Experience: 500
  • Adventure Experience: 500