Gilran Goldenforge

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Gilran Goldenforge
Location: Aughundell
Rating: 1
School: Pawnbroker
Health: 26
Coordinates: 25131 / 25962
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Gilran tells you, Hello, would you like buy or sell something? Trade with me and I'll show you what I have for sale, or make me an offer and I'll add what I'm willing to pay you to the trade. If you'd like more specific instructions, perhaps I can help.

Gilran Goldenforge is an imperial pawn broker. He pays 20% of the imperial price on items.

Quests available[edit]

No quests for this NPC.

Gilran Goldenforge sells:

Item Cost
Alyssa's Energized State V 50Silver 
Alyssa's Energized State V 75Silver 
Alyssa's Touch V 50Silver 
Alyssa's Touch V 75Silver 
Brobbet's Hand of Justice V 50Silver 
Brobbet's Hand of Justice V 75Silver 
Consignment Merchant Hiring Permit 275Silver 
Daggarth's Blessing V 50Silver 
Daggarth's Blessing V 75Silver 
Divine Protection V 50Silver 
Divine Protection V 75Silver 
Fury of Daggarth V 50Silver 
Fury of Daggarth V 75Silver 
Hastened V 50Silver 
Hastened V 75Silver 
Heightened Senses V 50Silver 
Heightened Senses V 75Silver 
Holy Armament of Istara V 50Silver 
Holy Armament of Istara V 75Silver 
Istara's Breath V 50Silver 
Istara's Breath V 75Silver 
Istara's Gait V 50Silver 
Istara's Gait V 75Silver 
Istara's Grace V 50Silver 
Istara's Grace V 75Silver 
Istara's Guiding Hand V 50Silver 
Istara's Guiding Hand V 75Silver 
Mystical Ward of Istara V 50Silver 
Mystical Ward of Istara V 75Silver 
Niatha's Blessing V 50Silver 
Niatha's Blessing V 75Silver 
Pawnbroker Hiring Permit 275Silver 
Spectral Touch V 50Silver 
Spectral Touch V 75Silver 
Tavernkeeper Hiring Permit 275Silver 
Vault Keeper Hiring Permit 275Silver