Holy Symbols: The Tomb of Moravvis

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Holy Symbols: The Tomb of Moravvis
Type: Adventure
Cleric Beccan Tandis 
Located at:
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Previous Quest: Holy Symbols: The Tomb of CrankenspankPlundered Tombs: Locate the Tomb of Moravvis 
Next Quest: The Holy Symbols 

Ancient tombs are being plundered and relics stolen by the Withered Aegis. Cleric Beccan Tandis is concerned that the Symbols of Istara that are located within each tomb may be stolen or destroyed.

Quest text[edit]

Beccan tells you, Cleric, your duty calls you back! Two tombs cleansed and two symbols recovered! Well done. One tomb remains, the Tomb of Moravvis. I hear you have uncovered its location from the Dragons of Chiconis. That is good that they assist. For this magic to fall into the hands of the enemy could lead to disastrous consequences to the Gifted, such as yourself.

Beccan tells you, Now, the third task is the most difficult of all, the Tomb is quite a distance from safety and closer to a magical source than the others... What source? The Cleric's Tower of course. Each tower was built upon a magical source of energy... a place where magical energy was stronger than anywhere else. In the case of the Cleric's Tower, the source of life energy is quite strong there and so it was chosen by the Clerical Order long ago.

Beccan tells you, Be careful is all I am saying. There may be no need to worry, but it is better safe than sorry as the Gnomes say. The denizens of may be stronger than others due to their proximity to the Cleric's Tower. Or they may be more agitated. It is difficulty to say with any certainty. May Istara Watch Over You, <player>!

Beccan tells you, You found it! Well done, <player>, Istara surely watched over you and assisted the recovery of her relic. I trust your mission for Paladin Batel was successful as well? Yes? Good, good.


Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 19500
  • Money: 10s 500c