Honored Dead

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Honored Dead
Type: Adventure
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On an island west of Parsinia long ago a ship sank into the waters when it ran ashore on a foggy night. Now this island is haunted by the ship's crew and gathering resources from it is rather difficult. Ssoren has sent you there to lay to rest the drowned spirits of the island.

Quest text[edit]

Ssoren tells you, Ssoren has a sad task for <player>. Many years ago, a ship ran ashore on the island just west of Parsinia. That island is now known as the Isle of the Drowned, it is so haunted. Ssoren wishes you to go there and lay to rest those poor spirits that have been brought back to life by the curse of the Aegis.

The drowned spirits appear to be resting peacefully. Return to Ssoren and report..

Ssoren tells you, Well done, <player>! You have brought a few moments of peace to our honored dead. Please, accept this token, and with it the gratitude of the Sslik.


  • Ssoren has sent you to the Isle of the Drowned to lay to rest the souls of those who drowned long ago and have been reanimated by the Withered Aegis curse. You will reach the island by heading out the western gate and following the road toward Parsinia. Defeat 20 of the drowned that now haunt this island then return to Ssoren.
  • Return to Ssoren

Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 3000
  • Money: 3s