Imperial Bank: Vault Upgrade I

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Imperial Bank: Vault Upgrade I
Type: Errand
Located at:
Required school:
Required race:
Required level:
Required item:
Previous Quest:  
Next Quest: Imperial Bank: Vault Upgrade II 

Speak to any Vaultkeeper to obtain the quest and you need the appropriate level in craft or adventure.


You qualify for a larger vault. Now all you have to do is pay for the extra storage space.

Quest Text[edit]

<vaultkeeper> tells you, Ah, very well then. Here is your initial paperwork. Fill it out. When you are done, speak to me, or any vaultkeeper in the realm, and we will begin the filing process for you.

<vaultkeeper> tells you, Very good. I'll get the process going here. It will take but a moment to process. Make sure you have the 10 silver pieces with you and speak to me again.

<vaultkeeper> tells you, Excellent, I shall put the paperwork through now, after verifying your payment. Thank you for your participation in the Vault of Istaria, Master <player>.


  • Speak to any vault keeper about the process of upgrading your vault.
  • Speak to a vaultkeeper about upgrading your vault. Bring 10 silver pieces to pay for the upgrade.

Shareholder's Vault[edit]

Upgrade from Commoner's Vault to Shareholder's Vault I

  • Bulk: 20,000 -> 24,000
  • Stack: 200 -> 220