Istaria Companion/Multiple instances howto

From Istaria Lexica

You are able to run multiple instances of Istaria Companion by copying it onto a different place on your hard drive. Simply follow the below steps.


You need a second Istaria install folder. Parsing two characters from one Istaria installation is not possible.

PLEASE NOTE: The updater will not work on the second install. You need to repeat these steps whenever a new version of Istaria Companion gets installed on your original installation.


  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to Istaria Companion's install folder
    If you didn't choose a different one, it should be:
    C:\Program Files\Istaria Companion
  2. Copy all of the contents, BUT NOT THE 'workspace' FOLDER, into a new folder, for example:
    C:\Program Files\Istaria Companion 2
  3. Browse into the new directory, right click the 'Istaria Companion' program file and select the 'Properties' option
    1. Select the 'Compatibility' folder
    2. Check the 'Launch as administrator' field and confirm
  4. Right click the 'Istaria Companion' program file again, choose the 'Send to -> Desktop' option to create a link on your Desktop.
  5. (optional) Rename your new desktop link so you can differ between your two installs
  6. Start your second Istaria Companion for the first time, using your new link on Desktop.
  7. Select your second/third/etc. Istaria installation folder and confirm.
  8. Open the main menu and choose 'Preferences'
  9. Enter a program title suffix, so you can differ between the two Companions in the future (for example your character's name). You may want to add a suffix on your first install, too.

That's it!