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Mod type: GUI Mod
Description: Enhances the ingame map with thousands of points of interests
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Detailed description[edit]

Probably one of the most interesting game mods.

The Map Pack provides you with all available map terrains and lots of points of interests. It comes with it's own installer, making it very easy to install, reinstall or remove. Since the database is maintained by the community also, Map Pack is updated almost regularly. Updates are posted at the istaria community boards and the official site of course.

Map Pack features[edit]

  • City and Settlement locations
  • creature areas and levels
  • NPC locations
  • Machine locations
  • Shrine locations
  • Resource areas
  • Landmarks
  • Portal and Landing Pad locations
  • Quest trigger points

MiniMap details[edit]

DescriptionEnhances the ingame map with thousands of points of interests +
Link +
Mod typeGUI Mod +