Jemmei's Late Delivery

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Jemmei's Late Delivery
Type: Crafting
Miner Jemmei Brocklebor 
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Jemmei, a Gnomish Miner, has been mining the rose quartz stone that can be found in Ashlander's Cauldron. Because of a mishap with an particularly large golem in the cauldron she's now behind on a shipment of gems to her best customer, Gangaf Tagley. She hopes you might be able to gather some for her.

Quest text[edit]

Jemmei tells you, Elteria, I could use your assistance! Oh my yes, you are just the right Reaver. Losing my gear like that in the Cauldron has set me back and I'm late on a delivery. Crumblies this is a pickle I've gotten myself into. The gems are for Gangaf and he'll be sore upset with me if I don't get them there and quickly!

Jemmei tells you, He's picky about timeliness of his orders, Elteria. Don't ask me why! Entropy, but this is a pickle. Will you help me? All I need is for you to go and gather four hundred uncut rose quartz gems. Go ahead and deliver them to Dalimond for me, won't you please?

You've gathered sufficient Rose Quartz! Carry the gems to Gangaf Tagley in Dalimond..

Gangaf tells you, Elteria, what brings you to my workshop? Be quick, Saris, I have no time for dawdling. Rose Quartz from Jemmei Brocklebor? Well now, why didn't you say so in the first place! This isn't the second step or anything. Now, let me take those. And your payment, yes. Here you are. Good day!


  • Gather four hundred (400) uncut rose quartz gems
  • Deliver the Uncut Rose Quartz Gems to Gangaf Tagley in Dalimond


  • Craft Experience: 7500
  • Money: 12s 500c