Jemmei's Lost Gear

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Jemmei's Lost Gear
Type: Errand
Miner Jemmei Brocklebor 
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Next Quest: Jemmei's Nemesis 

Jemmei, a Gnomish Miner, has been mining the rose quartz stone that can be found in Ashlander's Cauldron. But she got caught unawares and unprepared for the golems there and was chased out of the cauldron so quickly she dropped her pack and gear!

Quest text[edit]

Jemmei tells you, Ranger, oh yes you look like you could assist me! Come closer, I need your help! Are you familiar with Ashlander's Cauldron? Yes? No? *she shakes her head* Entropy! The cauldron lies just over yonder and is filled with lots and lots of rose quartz. Oh its pretty! But its also very useful for Tinkerers... something about the lattice in the quartz or the arrangement of... oh I forget!

Jemmei tells you, Where was I? Oh, oh, the cauldron! Yes! *she claps her hands* You see, I'm a miner by trade. That means I take orders from people and I mine. I'm good at it! And so just yesterday I was mining the largest node of rose quartz I'd ever seen and all of a sudden the sun is blocked out by a big shadow... It was a golem! A Rose Quartz Golem! And it was so big and it swung at me. Well, I managed to avoid being smushed to a pulp, but in my fright I dropped my pack and gear!

Jemmei tells you, Now, don't think ill of me please! Its not every day that one gets surprised by a twenty meter tall pile of rock! But, here's the rub... You see, what kind of miner am I without my pack and gear? So, this is where you come in! I need your help recovering it. Oh I've tried, but I'm no match for those golems... Never been much of a fighter, you see. And the local militia is all in a tizzy about this invasion or some such thing. They're far too busy to help me out. So will you do it? Please? *she bats her bushy eyelashes at you*

You've found Ashlander's Cauldron! The pack and gear should be around here somewhere. You might try searching the large nodes of rose quartz!.

You've found the pack and gear Jemmei lost! Return with it to Heart..

You have received 1 Jemmei's Lost Gear.

Jemmei tells you, Oh, oh! You found my pack and gear, <player>! You're a life-saver, yes you are. Thank you so much! I hope this is sufficient to repay you, I know it isn't much.


  • Follow the road south of Heart and locate Ashlander's Cauldron
  • Search the middle of the Cauldron where the road rises for signs of Jemmei's Lost Gear
  • Return with the Pack and Gear to Jemmei Brocklebor in Heart


  • Adventure Experience: 14500
  • Money: 22s 500c