Joggler Snimms: Bonding the Blades

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Joggler Snimms: Bonding the Blades
Type: Adventure
Joggler Snimms 
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Joggler Snimms has discovered how to summon a gargantuan suit of armor, but he needs your help to get it animated.

Quest text[edit]

Joggler tells you, You don't understand! You don't understand at all! I need the ENTIRE set. If I don't have every last bottle cap in the set, it's completely worthless! Why is this so difficult for everyone to comprehend? I guess I have to spell it out for you ... here is a list of what I'm looking for, along with instuctions on how to sort and arrange them properly.

Joggler tells you, Spectacular! I knew you'd go along with it -- you have that look in your eye. I freely admit I don't know much about spirits... to be honest, I don't even know if my idea is possible. All hope is not lost, though; I've heard of a very skilled spiritist who lives up north who just might have the answer. Seek out Kitimiri Rima by the old fort east of Kirasanct and see what she has to say about my plan.

You have received 1 Formula: Bottle Cap Collecting.

Kitimiri tells you, What on Istaria do you want? Don't take offense to this, but you're not really my type of clientele. I know you're looking for a spirit, but honestly, it's not as simple as you seem to believe. Do you think I just happen to keep a wide selection of captured souls for you to choose from? What do you take me for? I obviously have to tailor my merchandise to the customer -- and I don't take charity cases. If you can bring me five samples of ghost vapor, I'll... consider... doing what you ask. But I only need it from powerful ghosts, those known as "veteran" ghosts. Oh, and while you're out, do stop by Hesia the Cleric in Aughundell; she has a tome I've been meaning to take off her hands that may well apply to your situation.

Hesia tells you, The Catalogue of Spirits? Let me guess, Kitimiri sent you. Hmph, I am beginning to regret ever becoming beholden to her. Here, take the book, and let her know that I now consider the score settled.

You have received 1 Catalogue of Spirits, Volume XLVII.

Kitimiri tells you, You're serious about this, aren't you? That, or obsessed. Well, either way, I think I can help you. Let me see, now...' She opens the Catalogue and scans the pages, flipping impatiently until she finds what she was looking for. Her eyes gleam as she looks back at you. 'Here we are. You said the armor appears with two large blades... there was a fighter, a Knight of Creation, who wielded twin blades long ago. The fighting style itself wasn't well-documented -- Arek kept his secrets well -- but there are enough accounts to confirm his methods. If you want to capture this fellow's spirit, I'll need an aquamarine... and five silver. My services don't come cheap.

Kitimiri tells you, You actually brought the gem, hm? Well, I'm not one to judge, I suppose... your business is your business. I'll need some time to make this stone into the device you'll need to grab the spirit; this is powerful magic, and thus can't be rushed. Come back later. I'm sure you can find SOMEthing to do in the meantime.

This might be a good time to check on the spiritist's progress with the Soul Trap..

Kitimiri tells you, Here you are -- a serviceable soul trap for Arek Wikhalad, the Knight of the Twin Blades. You'll need to summon him on the site of his death using the following incantation as you hold the trap aloft: "Sikilia, Ogelea, Sikiza!" This should call him to you. He may not be particularly happy to see you... while he was one of Istara's most favored in life, his downfall was harsh, and he perished while drunk -- too drunk to summon his own two swords. To find him, start in the settlement of Harro. Follow the road southwest from the town and take the first right. Take the road northeast at the intersections, then north. He died where the thorns grow high, just past there. Be prepared... spirits aren't harmless.

You have received 1 Empty Soul Trap.

As you strike down the spirit of Arek, the Soul Trap emits a terrible screech. The knight's ghost lets forth a terrible howl as it is sucked into the gem..

You have received 1 Soul Trap.

Joggler tells you, I was wondering where you'd gotten to! I've heard rumors about that Kitimiri -- never mind. So this is the spirit...' As he reaches out and touches the soul trap, he suddenly withdraws his hand as if burned. 'That won't do at all! I don't know if you can't sense it because you're the one who caught it, but I'll tell you this: if you actually managed to bond that spirit to the armor as it is, its first act would no doubt be to slice your head clean off.' He shakes his head sadly. 'This can still be salvaged, I'm sure of it. You said the spirit was once a Knight of Creation, right? Take this armor chip I preserved from the summoning and visit Galean, the Knight trainer. If anyone can help with this now, he can.

You have received 1 Quivering Armor Chip.

Galean tells you, Arek Wikhalad? Of course I know of him; he is legendary among Knights of Creation! And you say you want to bond his spirit? You know not what you ask, my friend. To tether the entire spirit to a material object on the Prime would be an act of terrible cruelty. Not to mention the immense power that would be required to bond such a spirit as Arek's! For your needs, I think it would suffice to bond a small facet of the entire being -- if you isolate and bond the knight's fighting essence, with the reassurance that it will only be called in times of great need, you will probably have a much better time of it. Onye, an Acolyte of Istara in Dalimond, would be the one to help you with that.

Onye tells you, To harness the fighting essence of one chosen by Istara herself? Interesting concept, if you really think it would work. Tell you what -- I'll start looking through my father's old books, but while I'm searching, you'll have to act as Istara's hand here on the Prime. Please don't ask me why she doesn't use her own hand; I don't know. Anyway, what we need most is to resupply my pantry, er, I mean the mission's food stores. Please bring me five each of the following dishes: rye bread, potato salad, seared grilled trout, and lemon cookies. Fair trade - you fill my belly with food, I'll fill your head with knowledge.

Onye tells you, Thank you for helping out. I found an incantation that I think should isolate the portion of the spirit that needs to be bonded. If that works out, please be sure to release the spirit itself.

You have received 1 Onye's Incantation.

Joggler tells you, They told you this incantation would make it safe? I hope for your sake they were taking this business seriously. Hold that armor shard over your heart.' He takes the Soul Trap and intones the words Onye wrote for you. The shard of armor begins to vibrate with a painful intensity. You almost fear it will shatter your ribcage. As you open your mouth to scream, the chanting ends, and the pain ends with it. Joggler hands back the Soul Trap. 'Well, you're still alive. That's a good sign. Here's how to make the summoning spell -- try not to hurt yourself!

You have received 1 Bonded Soul Trap.

You have received 1 Bonded Armor Chip.

You have received 1 Formula: Epic Spell: Shining Blades.


  • Seek out Kitimiri the Spiritist.
  • Fetch the Catalogue of Spirits, Volume XLVII, from Hesia in Aughundell.
  • Return to Kitimiri Rima with the Catalogue and 5 Veteran Ghost Vapors. Veteran Ghosts are those which are found on the islands known as Satyr Islands.
    You don't need to loot it on your own.
  • Give Kitimiri 5 silver coins and an aquamarine for the construction of a Soul Trap.
    You don't need to create it on your own.
  • It will take Kitimiri an hour to construct the Soul Trap.
    Yep. A real hour!
  • Check on the spiritist's progress with the Soul Trap.
  • Travel to the place where the mighty Knight of Creation fell in battle.
    That's at Nathor's Scar, 28396/26509 (map)
  • Defeat the spirit of the knight so it can be captured in the Soul Trap.
  • Take your newly captured spirit back to Joggler Snimms.
  • Ask Galean to help you deal with the angry spirit you have trapped.
  • Find Onye Kutima, one of Istara's few remaining faithful, living near Dalimond.
  • Obtain 5 each Rye Bread, Potato Salad, Seared Grilled Trout, and Lemon Cookies for Onye.
  • Return to Joggler Snimms to have the spell safely bonded.

Target mobs[edit]