Kill the Werewolf Named Eyetooth

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Kill the Werewolf Named Eyetooth
Type: Adventure
Located at:
Balit's Island 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
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Previous Quest: Gather Rare Components for Balit's Research 
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The former first-mate of the ship which brought Balit to this island, Eyetooth has been harrassing Balit and the researcher is afraid that his work may be destroyed by the fearsome beast.

Quest text[edit]

Balit tells you, It began some time ago. As you know, my companion Allot and I were on a ship, bound for this island, but what you may not know is that he and I both worked for the New Rachival Research Institute. No, I was never a Gnome. Not all members of the Institute are, for the desire to seek knowledge and discover new ideas is not limited to one race alone... But I digress. Aboard that ship in a cage was a werewolf.

Balit tells you, It was our intention to release the werewolf here on this island to study it safely from a distance. We wished to discover more about how they lived, what they ate in the wild and so on. It would seem that fate or Istara had a different plan... Halfway through our journey the werewolf escaped from its cage! We do not know how... perhaps it broke out. Perhaps it was let out. But it rampaged through the ship, killing or turning many of the crew.

Balit tells you, Allot and I managed to barricade ourselves in the Captain's quarters and were safe... for a time. I must assume that at some point, the ship's Captain and Navigator were killed for it wasn't long after we barricaded ourselves in our chamber that the ship ran aground on a shoal of some sort. There was a terrible groaning of wood against stone and then finally the crashing as the ship sundered itself!

Balit tells you, It didn't take long for us to realize that we were sinking. And we left our sanctuary and abandoned the ship. We were wary at first, but the crew assured us it was safe. The werewolf, it seems, had been killed, or at the very least, severely wounded and then tossed overboard by the remaining crew not long before.

Balit tells you, Allot, myself and the crew gathered in small boats and sailed to the nearest land we could find; this island. We had hope at first that we would be rescued, but it soon faded. We were not expected back for months and that night some of the crew began to change. They had been infected with the disease and with the rising of the moon, they soon became ravenous beasts, and indiscriminately attacked the rest of us. We fled in all directions!

Balit tells you, Within a single night the uninfected survivors were killed or turned and then the werewolves turned upon one another and the indigenous Gruok population of the island for sustenance. I woke up many days later in this cave, as you already know. The attack, it seems, infected me as it killed me. The next morning, I woke to find my clothes tattered and covered with blood, but here I am, still alive, in a way. As a werewolf, I am unable to bring myself to cross the water, but even if I could, I would not be able to return home for fear of being hated and hunted for what I have become. I was a werewolf, but somehow had control. I could think, and feel! I surmised that I must be Gifted. Sadly, I had not discovered this until after becoming a werewolf.

Balit tells you, I fell into a deep despair for weeks or months, I cannot tell. After a time, I realized that my only hope could come from continuing the research, and that I was in a perfect position to do so. In that time, I had also discovered a crate that had washed ashore from my ship-wreck, that contained some of my materials, including paper and ink. So I began documenting my observations and discoveries.

Balit tells you, Now, to the original point. The only surviving officer of the ship which brought us here was the First Mate, a cruel man by the name of Jolan Eyetooth. I do not know why he bore that name, though one eye was covered with a patch. Neither Allot or I were daring enough to approach him with the question so it remains a mystery to me. However, Jolan Eyetooth was, by all accounts, a cruel man during life and becoming a werewolf only seemed to liberate those qualities!

He applies a new salve to your. As before, a slight tingling sensation spreads quickly throughout your body, growing in intensity by the moment, but then just as quickly fades..

Balit tells you, He is truly a blight on this land and should not be allowed to live for the sake of all good peoples. He has also begun to harass me and my research again. Please, <player>, use the salve and kill him. Return to me when you have done the deed!

You have slain Eyetooth! Return to speak with Balit!.

Balit tells you, You have killed the beast?!?! You are to be congratulated for your bravery and prowess, <player>! You are truly a hero among heroes. And you have done me a great favor by ridding the island of such a foul beast. You have also given me the time I needed to complete the Salve. Here, let me write down the formula I used to create this salve so that you or another can produce it.

You have received 1 Formula: Lycanthropy Ward Salve.

You have received 1 Balit's Friend.


  • Listen to Balit's Tale
  • Kill the werewolf known as Eyetooth. He can be found on the north east edge of the island.
  • Return and speak with Balit.

Target mobs[edit]