King's Cross: Wolf Pelts to Market

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King's Cross: Wolf Pelts to Market
Type: Adventure
Private Alis Talor 
Located at:
King's Cross 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: King's Cross: Keep the Wolves at Bay 
Next Quest: King's Cross: The Pack Leader 

Private Alis Talor was posted to King's Cross outpost a few months ago and has seen a rise in the amount of trade along the roads, but also an increase in the presence of Brownback Wolves. You have helped her thin the packs and now she wishes to capitalize on the wolves by selling some of their pelts in the nearby market.

Quest text[edit]

Alis tells you, There you are, <player>. I've been thinking about this wolf problem of ours and I believe I know of a way to keep the population down and make some money on the side in the process. Are you interested?

Alis tells you, Yes? Good. You see, Brownback Wolves has a particularly soft and luxurious pelt and I believe we could collect those pelts and sell them at the market in Bristugo for a tidy profit. How about it? Interested? Good! Here's what you do. Go into the forest, kill the wolves and collect their pelts. When you have a decent number, say fourteen, take them to the market. We'll split the profit 25/75, you getting the larger share since you're doing most of the work. How does it sound?

You've collected a sufficient number of brownback pelts. Take them to the market in Bristugo..

Elissana tells you, <player>, welcome to Bristugo. What can I assist you with? You wish to sell Brownback Pelts? Yes, there is quite a market for them! In fact, I will take them off your hand as I will need to have them cured before sale. But they will fetch quite a price in Tazoon. Excellent idea, bringing them here. *she counts out coins and puts them into a large bag* Here is your payment. Good day!

You have received 1 Coin Bag from Sale of Brownback Pelts.

Alis tells you, Hail, <player>! This is the bag of profits, is it? *she counts out the pile and splits a quarter off for herself* Is this truly the profit made from the pelts? *she laughs* They were more profitable than I had imagined. We must do that again sometime! Thank you for your help, <player>. Here is your share!


  • Collect fourteen (14) Brownback Pelts from the Brownback Wolves in the forest
  • Take the Brownback Pelts to Elissana in Bristugo
  • Return to King's Cross and deliver Private Alis' share of the profits

Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 35000
  • Money: 25s