Learning to Weave Baskets

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Learning to Weave Baskets
Type: Crafting
Normand Holcomb 
Located at:
Holcomb Farmstead 
Required adventure school:
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Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
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Required skill level:
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Farmer Holcomb has a much loved hobby. He weaves baskets. If you are willing to help provide him with the materials for a new basket design that he'd like to try, he's willing to give you the directions for making a basket.

Quest text[edit]

Normand tells you, Welcome to Holcomb Farmstead fellow weaver! Yes, I can tell by your hands that you too are a craftsman of fine cloth. But did you know that your weaving skills can be used to create something more useful than just tents and banners? I myself am a weaver of sorts. But I weave basketry. Oh, my wife will complain at how much time I spend out here in the shop, of course. But don't listen to her. She loves the baskets I make. Used to be she could sell them at market each week, but lately folks have stopped coming to market because of those rotten ruxus. .But I digress. I can teach you how to make baskets too if you are interested.

Normand tells you, Ah yes, I thought you'd be interested. Baskets are not only lovely to look at, but they are handy to have around as well. In fact, I've begun a new design that I could use your help with. The best way to learn is to actually observe someone making a basket and follow along step by step. I don't have the time right now to gather more resources and unfortunately I've run out of wood reeds or I'd show you myself. If you gather me 100 elm boards, and bring them back to me here, I will show you how to form them into wood reeds. But you must make the boards yourself! Yes, yes, I know that crafting boards from wood is not a skill weavers normally have. But if you wish to learn to make baskets, you will need to learn to make boards. If you have not learned to do so already, speak to any Blacksmith Trainer, or perhaps a Gatherer Trainer. Their teachings will serve you well. I need someone who is willing to take the care and time to ensure that the boards are of finest quality. We can't use those knotty, twisted boards that I've seen carpenters use in houses, for example. Bring me 100 wood boards crafted by your own hand and I will show you how to make them into reeds.

You have received 1 Formula: Beginner Wood Board.

Normand tells you, Ah, you've returned. That did not take long at all. Allow me to inspect the boards a moment.

Normand tells you, Yes, yes. These will do I suppose. Not as high a quality as I've seen some be, but then the trees this past year haven't grown as strong as they did years ago. We may lose a few boards in the making of the reeds, but I'm sure we'll end up with plenty to make you a decent basket. Now you will need these to make your own basket.

You have received 20 Elm Boards.

Farmer Holcomb takes out his tools and begins shaping the boards. You watch closely, using your own tools to follow exactly what he's doing. His voice grows quiet as you work, but it is the actions that are important for you to follow, not the words. Soon you both have a pile of thin, flexible wooden reeds laying at your feet..

You have received 1 Formula: Beginner Wooden Reeds.

Normand tells you, Now see here, <player>. First you take the board and carve it down into smaller planks.


  • Agree to help Farmer Holcomb in exchange for the basket making directions.
  • Farmer Holcomb will show you how to make wood reeds if you bring him 100 Elm Boards crafted by your own hand.
  • Wait while Farmer Holcomb inspects the boards.
  • Learn to make the reeds.
  • Scribe the directions into your formula book to ensure you do not forget how to make the wooden reeds. Use the tools and machines at the Holcomb Farmstead to craft a the boards into a wooden reed.