Lore Quest: Legend of the Burning Archer

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Icon 24 info blue round.png This article is a work of fiction related to Istaria. It is part of the background Istarian story.
Lore Quest: Legend of the Burning Archer
Type: Lore
Sindenis Lavitien 
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Next Quest: Lore Quest: Legend of the Burning Archer (Part 2) 

Sindenis' tale is one of the greatest of the Elemental Archers during the Age of the Sorcerer.

Quest text[edit]

Sindenis tells you, Centuries ago, it is said that there lived a most powerful Elemental Archer. He had discovered a way to channel the forces of flame into his attacks in a much more powerful way than anyone had ever seen. He used this power to destroy all of his enemies. However, he eventually became consumed by the power at his fingertips, and he began searching for new enemies. Anyone that crossed him, was made to suffer. After awhile, even those that so much as disagreed with him would throw him into a rage, and he would smite them for that alone. He became a nearly unstoppable force. Of course, this brought about many consequences.

Sindenis tells you, Many were sent to tame or defeat him, but all challengers fell to his might. So often did this happen, that he became paranoid of everyone. Even the woman he had once loved. He accused her of conspiring with those that were trying to kill him. In truth, never once did she try to hurt him. On the contrary, she believed that if she continued to love him and care for him, that she could help bring him back from the edge of madness. He could not be made to believe her though, and one night, he struck her down too. This had a profound effect on him.

Sindenis tells you, His own actions drove him further into his downward spiral. Paranoid, desperate, and achingly alone, he continued to slay anyone who came near him. At last, he fled from the towns and went to wander the wilderness, keeping away from everyone. It is during this time of solitude that it is said he finally began to come to his senses. Everything he had done had come to weigh heavily upon him as his mind slowly cleared.

Sindenis tells you, The guilt for what he had done made him decide to forfeit his life in a form of repentance. Before he did so, he felt compelled to transcribe the techniques he used so that others may learn to wield such power as well. But he needed to make sure that no one like himself was ever able to gain access to it. He scattered and hid the parchments that contained the knowledge, then made an oath to his murdered lover that he would protect the scrolls until the time that such power was needed.

Sindenis tells you, Once this was done, he wanted to be certain that he gave up his life properly, and certainly. He did not want there to be any confusion that it was indeed the one and only Burning Archer that would be killed. In order to gather enough witnesses, he sent a message to all the surrounding towns, telling them that he was coming out of reclusion to speak with the Elders of each town, and that if they were not all present, he would systematically destroy each own. He encouraged them to assemble their mightiest warriors and have them present, or he promised it would be their darkest hour.

Sindenis tells you, He arrived in town on the date he said he would, and was met with what seemed to be an entire army. Everyone glared at him, hatred in their eyes, but none dared ignite his wrath. The crowd parted and gave him a wide berth as he made his way to the town square and called for the Elders to show themselves so he could see them with his own eyes. Slowly and fearfully, they crept out into the town square and lined up to stand before him. He looked upon them, making sure they were indeed the Elders. Then, after a long and uneasy silence, he raised his voice and bellowed, 'Now, I give you all what you have come to see!' And with that he began the motions to let loose his fearsome volley, while directly facing the line of Elders.

Sindenis tells you, The Elders recoiled and dropped to the ground, while every skilled warrior in the crowd leapt forward to attack him. In the same instant they did so, he pointed his bow at the heavens and unleashed the largest salvo ever witnessed. As his arrows screamed skyward, he dropped to his knees, bowed his head, and waited to be struck down. The surrounding warriors stepped back in shock, not knowing what was happening. Some of the Elders lifted their eyes to look upon the Archer again, not understanding why they were still alive. They saw him just long enough for him to find their gaze and whisper 'I am beyond forgiveness.' Then, mere seconds after it began, the entire incident was over.

Sindenis tells you, Some claimed to have seen a single tear roll down the Archer's cheek the moment his own arrows annihilated him. Others say the claim was later added as an embellishment, though if one knows the full story, it cannot be completely discounted. Nevertheless, the legend states that his parchments are still hidden somewhere in Istaria. And there ends the tale, <player>. Thank you for listening.


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