Lore Quest: Legend of the Great Hunt

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Lore Quest: Legend of the Great Hunt
Type: Lore
Caepio Bruttien 
Located at:
Bruttien Homestead 
Required adventure school:
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Required adventure level:
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Previous Quest: Manilius' Lost Son 
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Caepio Bruttien's tale is one of The Great Hunt, a legendary hunt that the Elves and Satyr have told for centuries.

Quest text[edit]

Caepio tells you, My father seems more at peace than he has in a long time, <player>, and it is thanks to you. As you know, my brother, Gaius, was killed by a pig we started calling the Blood Pig. It reminds me of an old Elvish legend about another pig and a great hunt. Have you heard it?

Caepio tells you, King Areus of the Elves held an annual sacrifice to the gods on a sacred hill far to the east. One year he forgot to include Alyssa of the Forest in his offerings. Insulted, Alyssa released the deadliest boar imaginable on the countryside. The boar rampaged across Elven lands, destroying crops and forcing people to take refuge inside Bachan itself. Overcrowded and with no food the Elves and Satyr began to starve.

Caepio tells you, Areus sent out a call across Aradoth for the greatest hunters of all of the Living Races to come to the east. He offered great prizes including magical weapons, gold, and even his daughter's hand in marriage. Many responded to the call, including Areus' own son, Melagos, and a great Elven huntress, Alatan who had been taught to hunt by Alyssa herself. Many of the gathered hunters felt that Alatan's presence was an affront to the gods and a bad omen. But Melagos had become smitten by Alatan's beauty and convinced them otherwise.

Caepio tells you, It was Alatan who first wounded the great boar with an arrow and Melagos who finished it off. The hunters returned to Bachan where Melagos offered the boar to Alatan as a prize for she had drawn first blood. Melagos' uncles, known as the Sons of Thelastos, called it a disgrace and took the boar's skin from her. They claimed it should be given to Galderos instead. Outraged Melagos slew his uncles and again gave the skin to Alatan.

Caepio tells you, Melagos' mother, sister to Melagos' slain uncles, went into her bed-chamber and there drew out a fatal brand. In the light of day it burst aflame and across the city where Melagos' and the hunters feasted her son fell to the ground as the Fates had foretold. And thus Alyssa avenged the insult given her by King Areus.

Caepio tells you, That is the end of the tale, <player>. What do you think? No one knows if it truly happened or not, but the Blood Pig surely reminded me of it. Thank you again for helping my family.


  • Caepio Bruttien's Tale