Memni's Challenge: Earn Lasting Embers

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Memni's Challenge: Earn Lasting Embers
Type: Adventure
Memni the Augmentor 
Located at:
Required adventure school:
Dragon Adventurer 
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
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Memni the Augmentor has a challenge for you and if you succeed she will grant you a Crystal known as Lasting Embers. Imbued with fire, the crystal will serve you in the coming days.

Quest text[edit]

Memni tells you, I have a challenge for you, <player>. First, you must defeat ten Thel'kuk Spotters -- small, but powerful beings, often found in dangerous locations outside of Dralk. In the process, you should acquire a beatstick from one of them. Return this to me, and I'll explain the next step.

You have looted a Thel'kuk Spotter Beatstick! Finish killing sufficient pygmies and then return to Memni..

You have defeated the Thel'kuk Spotters as Memni requested!.

Memni tells you, Excellent, this will work perfectly. When ground into a powder, this beatstick can then be embedded into the crystal. The particles then magically allow your flame to accumulate on a creature, sometimes setting it aflame. The crystal itself can be acquired from a sort of golem that inhabits a meteor crater near the town of Lerena. Lerena is far to the southeast off the coast.

You have recovered a Shard of Faces from the Guardian! This will most certainly suit Memni's needs. Return to Chiconis at once..

Memni tells you, Very good, that should do nicely. Give me a moment and I'll have the final product for you -- Oh! Meanwhile, could you fetch three glowing essence orbs? They'll be needed to finalize the magic's effect.

Memni has likely finished preparing the Crystal. You should return to Chiconis and speak with her..

Memni quickly casts a spell that consumes the orbs in a flash of bright white light! When the spots from your vision clear you can see that the Crystal held by Memni is now glowing faintly..

Memni tells you, There, the item is now complete. Hopefully it will serve you well, good travels.

You have received 1 Lasting Embers.


  • Defeat ten (10) Thel'kuk Spotters found in the volcanic lands surrounding Dralk
  • Loot one (1) Thel'kuk Spotter Beatstick
  • Bring Memni the Augmentor the Thel'kuk Spotter Beatstick. Memni can be found in Chiconis.
  • Defeat a Guardian of Faces, found in the Meteor Crater on the Island of Dikaina, and acquire a Shard.
  • Return with the Shard of Faces to Memni the Augmentor in Chiconis
  • Wait while Memni prepares the Crystal
  • Return to Memni the Augmentor in Chiconis with three (3) glowing essence orbs.

Target mobs[edit]