Mirabell Danatos

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Mirabell Danatos
Location: Dalimond
Rating: 45
School: Weaponsmith
Health: 20
Coordinates: 22720 / 22800
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Mirabell tells you, A Weaponsmith is a simple enough profession to understand, but difficult to master. I am a trainer for this art, and I have studied my art for many years. We take metal and forge it into the deadliest of weaponry, as well as the most intricate of tools. Our focus to our craft is without question; let it never be said that masters of making metal weapons and tools are anyone other than Weaponsmiths. When you join the Weaponsmith school, your study continues where it left off in regards to your previous skill; you will find yourself as a level 10 Weaponsmith if this is your first time joining. Furthermore, only those who already have a skill rank of 80 in Weaponcraft are eligible for membership, so spend some time as a Blacksmith if you haven't already. Would you like to join the Weaponsmith crafting school?

Mirabell Danatos is a Weaponsmith trainer. She sells Beginner formulas.

Quests available[edit]

No quests for this NPC.

Mirabell Danatos sells:

Item Cost
Beginner Broad Sword 1Silver 
Beginner Dagger 1Silver 
Beginner Hand Axe 2Silver 
Beginner Large Axe 1Silver 
Beginner Long Spear 2Silver 
Beginner Long Sword 2Silver 
Beginner Mace 1Silver 
Beginner Maul 2Silver 
Beginner Metal Weapon Repair: Axes and Maxes 3Silver 
Beginner Metal Weapon Repair: Swords and Spear 3Silver 
Beginner Short Sword 1Silver