Moham's Broken Wagon

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Moham's Broken Wagon
Type: Errand
Moham Hintos 
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Next Quest: Moham's Goods to Market 

Farmer Moham Hintos was bringing his goods to market, but his wagon has broken a wheel. He's reluctant to leave his goods unattended so he needs your assistance to get it fixed.

Quest text[edit]

Moham tells you, Ahoy there, <player>. What brings you on this lonely road south of town? Heading for King's Cross by chance? Well, perhaps you could do me a favor if you're looking to go to Bristugo. You see, I got myself in a bit of a bind! Its my wagon, you see, the wheel is busted.

Moham tells you, I'd go get a new one, they are easy enough to find, but I'm loathe to leave my goods here unattended... what with those blasted Forest Skulk all about. Maybe you'd do me a big favor and go get me a replacement wheel? Yes? *he claps* Just go speak with Elissana back in Bristugo, she's sure to have a spare.

Elissana tells you, <player>, what can I do for you today? Are you buying or selling? Who? Old Moham? What has the old man gone and done this time, eh? He needs a new wheel for his wagon, does he? Well, seeing as how he was bringing the goods to me I suppose I can assist you. Take this one and help Old Moham out.

You have received 1 Wagon Wheel.

Moham tells you, You got me a wagon wheel, <player>! Istara Be Praised! I never thought I'd see the day that a Ranger would help an old man like me. I can't offer you much in return, but please take this small gesture.


  • Speak with Elissana in Bristugo about a replacement wheel for Moham's Wagon
  • Take the new wagon wheel to Old Moham the Farmer south of Bristugo


  • Craft Experience: 7500
  • Money: 7s 500c