Moham's Goods to Market

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Moham's Goods to Market
Type: Errand
Moham Hintos 
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Previous Quest: Moham's Broken Wagon‎‎ 
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Farmer Moham Hintos was bringing his goods to market, but his wagon had broken a wheel. You helped him get a new one, but he still needs your assistance getting some of his goods to market before they spoil.

Quest text[edit]

Moham tells you, <player>, thank you for helping me get a new wheel for my wagon. Now I just have to get it put on and I'll be back in business! In the meantime, I was hoping you might do me a favor... You see, some of the goods I brought to market will spoil if I don't get them there quickly... Oh yes, I have perishable goods back there. Maybe you'd carry them to Gus in Dalimond for me?

You have received 1 Perishable Goods.

Gus tells you, I see a Human in need of a drink, yes I do! What say you, <player>? How about a frothy ale to keep the heat away? Or maybe you're more of a wine type... I have some of the finest wine from the frozen hills around Kirasanct! You wouldn't believe how much it costs me to bring a case of bottles in. So how about it?

Gus tells you, No? Oh, you're here on business. Very well, what can I do for you? Perishable goods from Old Mohan? Oh yes! I was beginning to worry that he had been attacked by those nasty skulk, I hear they are rampaging all over the western roads! You've done me a great favor, <player>. Good day!

Moham tells you, Did you get those goods delivered, <player>? Istara's Thanks! Here, its not much but it should help you a little.

You have received 1 Old Moham's Pouch.


  • Carry the Perishable Goods to Gus the Tavernkeeper in Dalimond
  • Return to Old Mohan south of Bristugo