Mrs Clause's Dragon Treat

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Mrs Clause's Dragon Treat
Type: Crafting
Mrs Clause 
Located at:
New Koraelia 
Required adventure school:
Dragon Crafter 
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest:  
Next Quest: Return for More Dragon Treats 

Mrs Clause understands that dragons often feel left out around Gnomekindle time. She has a special treat for any dragon who is willing to show his Gnomekindle Spirit and help her with festival preperations.

Quest text[edit]

Looks up and seems to notice all of a sudden that she's speaking to a dragon..

Mrs tells you, Oh dearie me, what ever am I going to do? We've had complaints filed with BOO that dragons feel they are not welcome in Gnomekindle Town. And that's not true at all!

Mrs tells you, Oh! Oh my, how embarassing.

Well, actually, perhaps you can help me. I want to make Gnomekindle more dragon friendly this year.

Would you be willing to try a new recipe of mine?

Mrs tells you, Well, you see dearie, there are these rumors. Rumors that... well.... dragons enjoy gnomes in a rather particular way. A way that frightens most gnomes, even those here in Gnomekindle Town.

I want to show everyone that dragons are friendly. They aren't going to hurt us. And maybe spread a little joy at the same time. So I have created a special design and recipe for Gingerbread.

Mrs tells you, If you would help me with some of what I need for my Gnomekindle Feast preparations, I'll make up a batch for you.

I'm thinking of making my special Stuffed Mushrooms with Diced Minnow. Now the little gnomes are wonderful at collecting mushrooms for me, but they make very bad fisherman. Not that I'd tell them that, of course. But if you are willing, you could bring me some fresh minnow. I'll prepare them, of course. But that will give me time to bake a batch of Gingerbread for you.

The pile you have seems like it should be enough for Mrs. Clause's mushrooms. Return to her and see..

Mrs tells you, Oh, my yes. These will do just fine dearie. And here is your special Gingerbread Gnome cookies, just as I promised. Now remember, only eat them one at a time. If you need more, you can always come back to me.

You have received 6 Mrs. Clause's Gingerbread Gnome.


  • Listen to Mrs.Clause's story.
  • Mrs. Clause needs fresh minnow for her special Stuffed Mushrooms. Gather up a nice sized pile of minnows and bring them back to her to see just what this Gingerbread is.
  • You have collected 20 minnows. Return to Mrs. Clause now and exchange them for some gingerbread.