New Trismus

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New Trismus
Destination pad: 45897 / 14774
Travel gate: 45891 / 14745
Shrine: 45867 / 14764
Available plots: No plots
Available lairs: No lairs
Must be attuned by:
Coordinates: 45897 / 14774
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New Trismus is one of four Training Islands, and is where new players arrive after their initial tutorial on Spirit Isle. Although there are 3 other islands, this is the only one of the Training Islands supported by the Empire and newly Gifted should spend their early levels here learning about their role in the battle against the Withered Aegis.


Blighted Areas
New Trismus Deadlands
Ruined Homestead
Pratt's Pond
Lookout Camp

NPCs and Creatures[edit]

NPC NameSchoolRatingXY
Acolyte MiryCleric1546,00414,731
BattleMaster AvariatusDragon Adventurer5545,93514,532
Captain BortolGuard1345,80515,302
GeoffPawn Broker1446,02114,723
Ghost of Sammy SpecialpantsTinkerer145,72315,349
Jeremiah TrueheartScout11045,94414,707
Kerian the WiseDragon Crafter6046,08614,516
Officer FrelicMilitary Surplus Officer2446,03214,715
Rancher EldenRancher1346,11714,576
Resliak the GreatImperial Spell Vendor2046,00414,664
RhagoolPawn Broker146,01914,728
Sergeant GaedinWarrior1546,00114,741
Steward Pratt McGrubbenSteward1545,98614,700
Ulaven the MageMage1546,03314,680

Creature NameSchoolRatingXY
Agh'kuk GathererAgh'kuk Gatherer8
AttorAegis Ghost Mage945,62014,980
Befouled DefenderAegror845,95015,050
Brown SpiderSpider745,98014,300
Decayed GruletUndead Gruok845,77014,930
Flesh ArcanistAegis Zombie Warrior945,95015,050
Flesh MasterAegror1045,84015,630
Flesh ShepherdAegis Mage945,84015,630
Grit the WarriorAgh'kuk Gatherer1245,27714,914
Invae GuardianAegis Skeleton Warrior945,88015,110
Invae Patrol745,80015,400
Invae WarriorAegis Skeleton Warrior845,95015,050
Loricatus BeetleBeetle620,23024,600
Minor Anchor1245,88015,110
Red TusksWild Grulet845,65014,305
Sapling Cedar TreantTreant745,57014,350
Small Brown WolfWolf545,75514,610
Small Brown Wolf AlphaWolf845,75514,610
Small Loricatus BeetleBeetle646,12015,130
The Lone WolfSmall Brown Wolf Alpha845,40014,540
Tiny Grass BeetleBeetle341,71016,580
UddorakhAbomination of Fear1445,90015,700
Urgat the WickedReanimator1445,55715,363
Urgat's GuardAegis Zombie Warrior1045,50015,250
Weaker Saris GhostAegis Ghost Mage945,60014,940
Wild GruletGruok646,07014,400
Withered Grand MagusAegis Zombie Sorcerer1345,86215,704
Wriggling MassMaggot945,51014,950

Named CreatureSchoolRatingXY
AttorAegis Ghost Mage945,62014,980
Grit the WarriorAgh'kuk Gatherer1245,27714,914
Red TusksWild Grulet845,65014,305
The Lone WolfSmall Brown Wolf Alpha845,40014,540
UddorakhAbomination of Fear1445,90015,700
Urgat the WickedReanimator1445,55715,363
Withered Grand MagusAegis Zombie Sorcerer1345,86215,704



Valor and Vigilance: Search for CluesSteward Pratt McGrubben0
Scout's Quest 7: Speak with Geela in Kion about further trainingScoutSadie0
Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse 3Revion0
Special Pants QuestGhost of Sammy Specialpants0
(Hourly) Outfitter's Task: Mend the WoundedJohald0
Scout's Quest 3: Help Rancher Elden With a Small ProblemScoutSadie0
Valor and Vigilance: Defend New TrismusSteward Pratt McGrubben0
(Hourly) Scholar's Task: Spells for MagesErelald0
Scout's Quest 4: Spider Slayers WantedScoutSadie0
Cleric's Quest 5: Clear the Roadway of TreantsClericAcolyte Miry0
Cleric's Quest 6: Coordination Against BeetlesClericAcolyte Miry0
Scout's Quest 5: Clear the Roadway of TreantsScoutSadie0
Revion's Quest: An Ancient CurseRevion0
Scout's Quest 1: Prove Your Fighting Skills!ScoutSadie0
Scout's Quest 6: Coordination Against BeetlesScoutSadie0
Cleric's Quest 4: Spider Slayers WantedClericAcolyte Miry0
Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse 2Revion0
Cleric's Quest 3: Help Rancher Elden With a Small ProblemClericAcolyte Miry0
(Hourly) Blacksmith's Task: Repairing the TownGuran0
Scout's Quest 2: Assisting the Militia Surplus OfficerScoutSadie0
Kerian's Quest: Claw up the local Spiders!Dragon AdventurerKerian the Wise1
Avariatus' Quest: Prove Your Fighting Skills!Dragon AdventurerBattleMaster Avariatus1
Jeremiah Trueheart's RequestJeremiah Trueheart1
Rhagool: Looking for JunkRhagool1
Becoming a Monk: Seeking the Path of the FistAllanti the Initiate1
Kerian's Quest: Learn How To Socket A Chest Scale!Dragon CrafterKerian the Wise1
Go Bag 5 Agh'kuk BeatsticksJeremiah Trueheart1
Outfitter: Replenish The Village's Stock of Flax SpoolsOutfitterJohald1
Geoff: Cargo DisksGeoff1
Outfitter: The Village Has Been Stripped of Hide!OutfitterJohald1
Destination: Spirit IsleSteward Pratt McGrubben1
Kerian's Quest: Learn How To Make A Better Scale!Dragon CrafterKerian the Wise1
Kerian's Quest: Make A New Set Of Claws!Dragon CrafterKerian the Wise1
Kerian's Quest: Learn To Craft A Spell!Dragon CrafterKerian the Wise1
(Daily) Frelic's PetsOfficer Frelic1
Outfitter: Bronze Bars Badly Needed!OutfitterJohald1
Kerian's Quest: Prove Your Crafting Skills!Dragon CrafterKerian the Wise1
Kerian's Quest: Learn How To Technique A Claw!Dragon CrafterKerian the Wise1
Avariatus' Quest: Take care of the Undead!Dragon AdventurerBattleMaster Avariatus1
Kerian's Quest: Learn To Technique A Spell!Dragon Crafter
Dragon Adventurer
Kerian the Wise1
Blacksmith: If These Hammers Could Talk!BlacksmithGuran3
Blacksmith: Make short work of short swordsBlacksmithGuran3
Blacksmith: Cedar Staves for the MagesBlacksmithGuran3
Blacksmith: Help Elenna Gather WoodBlacksmithGuran3
Blacksmith: Help put the Work back in StoneworkingBlacksmithGuran3
Blacksmith: Bronze Maces for the militiaBlacksmithGuran3
Blacksmith: Order 102, Harvest KnivesBlacksmithGuran3
Blacksmith: Scouts Need Short Bows Too!BlacksmithGuran3
Blacksmith: High Demand for Large AxesBlacksmithGuran3
Blacksmith: Smelting Tongs on the move!BlacksmithGuran3
Blacksmith: Picks for the MinerBlacksmithGuran3
Blacksmith: Surplus of Short SpearsBlacksmithGuran3
Blacksmith: Resupply the Pawnbroker With Wood SawsBlacksmithGuran3
Warrior's Quest 6: Coordination Against BeetlesWarriorSergeant Gaedin4
Warrior's Quest 7: Speak with Mattias in Kion about further trainingWarriorSergeant Gaedin4
Cleric's Quest 1: Display your Clerical Skills!ClericAcolyte Miry4
Warrior's Quest 3: Help Rancher Elden With a Small ProblemWarriorSergeant Gaedin4
Warrior's Quest 2: Assisting the Militia Surplus OfficerWarriorSergeant Gaedin4
Outfitter: Distilling, An IntroductionOutfitterJohald4
Warrior's Quest 4: Spider Slayers WantedWarriorSergeant Gaedin4
Avariatus' Quest: Slap around some beetles with Tail WhipDragon AdventurerBattleMaster Avariatus4
Mage's Quest: Prove your Skills to Ulaven!MageUlaven the Mage4
Warrior's Quest 5: Clear the Roadway of TreantsWarriorSergeant Gaedin4
Warrior's Quest 1: Prove your fighting skills!WarriorSergeant Gaedin4
Outfitter: Embracing the HideOutfitterJohald5
Outfitter: Bracing the Ringmail BracersOutfitterJohald5
Outfitter: Excess ShouldersOutfitterJohald5
Cleric's Quest 2: Earn a new Healing SpellClericAcolyte Miry5
Outfitter: Rough Day's WorkOutfitterJohald5
Outfitter: Shouldering the LoadOutfitterJohald5
Outfitter: A Shoulder To Cry OnOutfitterJohald5
Outfitter: Forest Walkin In StyleOutfitterJohald5
Outfitter: Keeping Up With the PantsOutfitterJohald5
Outfitter: Replenish The Militia's Stock of GauntletsOutfitterJohald5
Outfitter: Give Ringmail Boots The Boot!OutfitterJohald5
(Hourly) City Under SiegeSteward Pratt McGrubben5
Outfitter: A Need for WristbandsOutfitterJohald5
Outfitter: Unsinged FingersOutfitterJohald5
Outfitter: Surplus of Bronze HelmsOutfitterJohald5
Mage's Quest: Put the Reanimated Warriors to Rest!MageUlaven the Mage5
Outfitter: Arming Your Arms With RingmailOutfitterJohald5
Outfitter: Belts of BronzeOutfitterJohald5
Mage's Quest: Destroy the Reanimator!MageUlaven the Mage5
Mage's Quest: Assisting the Spell VendorMageUlaven the Mage5
Mage's Quest: Deliver a Message for UlavenMageUlaven the Mage5
Outfitter: Rough Around The WaistOutfitterJohald5
Mage's Quest: Collect Maggot HidesMageUlaven the Mage5
Outfitter: These Boots Were Made For...OutfitterJohald5
Town Marshall: Pelts for the PeddlerSteward Pratt McGrubben6
The Town Marshalls of IstariaSteward Pratt McGrubben6
Town Marshall: Beetle ManiaSteward Pratt McGrubben6
(Hourly) Fending Off GruletsRancher Elden6
The Lone Wolf of New TrismusRancher Elden6
Town Marshall: Healthy CompetitionSteward Pratt McGrubben6
Town Marshall: Picking on the Little GuySteward Pratt McGrubben6
Cleric's Quest 7: Speak with Mera in Kion about further trainingClericAcolyte Miry7
Kill Red TusksElainor McGrubben7
Mage's Quest: Speak with Rennis in Kion about further trainingMageUlaven the Mage8
Blacksmith: Outlasting the Long Swords!BlacksmithGuran9
Blacksmith: Pawning the goods!BlacksmithGuran9
Blacksmith: Putting the War back in WarhammerBlacksmithGuran9
Blacksmith: Wanted: Cedar CudgelsBlacksmithGuran9
Blacksmith: Longing for Longbows!BlacksmithGuran9
The Withered BaneOfficer Frelic10
Outfitter: Speak with Bolo in KionOutfitterJohald10
Avariatus' Quest: Learn about the Lunus faction!Dragon AdventurerBattleMaster Avariatus10
Learn to Craft The Withered BaneOfficer Frelic10
Avariatus' Quest: Learn About the Helian Faction!Dragon AdventurerBattleMaster Avariatus10
Blacksmith: Speak with Kelamina in KionBlacksmithGuran10

The secret of New Trismus (not anymore)[edit]

Hidden deep in the New Trismus Deadlands, there lies covered in the blighted mountain a horrid and unbelieveable secret. Believe or not what you see there, it is a blighted portal, the entrace could be found at (45560,15370).

The Blighted Portal
The Portal Pad
The Destination to Death