Plundered Tombs: Locate the Tomb of Moravvis

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Plundered Tombs: Locate the Tomb of Moravvis
Type: Adventure
Geriad Batel 
Located at:
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Previous Quest: Plundered Tombs: The Tomb of Crankenspank 
Next Quest: Plundered Tombs: Investigate the Tomb of MoravvisHoly Symbols: The Tomb of Moravvis 

Ancient tombs are being plundered and relics stolen by the Withered Aegis. You have cleansed two of the three tombs Paladin Batel has mentioned. But now you must try and locate the third, who's location is not known.

Quest text[edit]

Geriad tells you, Two down, <player>, and one more to go. But this one may be the most difficult yet. Not only will the denizens within be deadly, but like the Tomb of Borannis, the Tomb of Moravvis' location is not known. You should go speak with Scholar Leah and perhaps together the two of you can locate the tomb.

Leah tells you, Welcome back, <player>. I have heard that you not only found the Tomb of Borannis, but also cleansed it of an undead presence. Is this true? And that you cleansed the Tomb of Crankenspank which lies near this city? *she claps her hands* Impressive! Truly inspiring.

Leah tells you, Now, what brings you back to me? You seek a third tomb? Indeed! The Tomb of Moravvis? Oh! Exciting. Yes, this will be a challenge. Moravvis was the last king of the Kingdom of Vandus, <player>. The Kingdom was founded by Ashlander Vandus in 600 B.R., but his line ruled for over three centuries.

Leah tells you, Moravvis was the last king and he died in 271 B.R., just before the start of the Civil War and the early years of the Age of Sorcery. A terrible time, to be sure. Because of the upheavals and fighting Moravvis was buried secretly and so we know only that his tomb lies somewhere within the Granitefall Mountains.

Leah tells you, I am afraid I can give you no other information. And the Archives won't help us either. You see, Moravvis has been a fascination of mine for years and I have searched on my own for the location to his tomb. *she sighs* No such records exist within the Archives, here or in Tazoon. But, you might try speaking with the Elder in Chiconis! Afterall, it is their mountain range and so they may have some idea where he was buried.

Althanas tells you, Little naka, why have you come to Chiconis and why do you stand before me? While you need have no fear that I will tear you limb from limb as one of my brethren in Dralk might do, I find the presence of your kind most distasteful. We are meant to rule, not placate.

Althanas tells you, But... in the spirit of cooperation I will listen to your words. A tomb of a human king is what you seek? Yes, there is one such tomb in these mountains and I do know of its location. I will not divulge it to one such as you I am afraid.

Althanas tells you, Corrupted by the undead you say? Well, that is another matter. Perhaps this warrants a breach of protocol and cooperation this one time. Yes, that is what it shall have to be. Once, little naka, no more. You can find it south and east of Chiconis on a prominent plateau overlooking the Bay. Now, begone from my sight!

Geriad tells you, Cleric, you have located the Tomb of Moravvis? Well done! Prepare yourself, <player>, for soon you must leave to cleanse the Tomb of those who have desecrated it. A grand crusade, yes indeed! *he salutes you*



  • Adventure Experience: 18000
  • Money: 13s