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(Daily) Calling the Mountain God +Token of the Grand Magus  +
(Daily) Kill One Greater Epic Boss +Epic Token  +
(Daily) Kill One Lesser Epic Boss +Epic Token  +
(Weekly) Kill Greater and Lesser Bosses +Epic Token  +


ARoP09 - Scale of Ancients - Harness the Inner Strength (Lunus) +Cask of the Ancient Elements  +
ARoP10 - Scale of Ancients - The Golem King (Lunus) +Lunus Head Scale Of The Ancients  +
ARoP15 - Gate of Embers: Harness the Energy for the Spell of Pathfinding +Energized Ruby Focus Stone  +, Energized Sapphire Focus Stone  +, Energized Diamond Focus Stone  +
ARoP18 - Ritual of Journey: Enter Akhanis +Black Obsidian Rune Shard  +, Dragon Soul  +, Dragon Soul Filled Black Obsidian Rune Shard  +,
ARoP24b - Retribution: Defeat Elial +Riftrender  +, Relic of the Rift  +, Omen of the Rift  +,
ARoP26 - Ancient Rite Conclusion (Lunus) +The Fangs of Fury  +, Rune of Ascension  +
Attunement to Aedan +Primal energy collector  +, Charged primal energy collector  +, Attunement device  +
Avariatus' Quest: Learn About the Helian Faction! +Scale of the Prime  +


Become a Master with Teeth and Claws +Ancient Barasavian Crown  +, Ornamental Breastplate  +
Become a Primal Master +Ethereal Shard  +
Biggletorque: Chests in the Deep +Strange-Looking Key  +, Journal of Falinthris  +
Biggletorque: The Frozen Tower +Weapon Tech Kit: Frozen Weapon  +
Breath of Acid: At Long Last +Flask of Distilled Acid  +
Breath of Acid: Handle With Care +Nielenoss' List of Ingredients  +, Prototype Tool Claw  +, Kelakhan's Letter to Witzel  +,
Breath of Acid: Introduction +Brachina Crystal  +
Breath of Acid: Rumble In The Jungle +Vial of Nature's Breath  +, Imbued Adamantium Flask  +
Breath of Acid: The Home Stretch +Shredded Thornwood Bark  +
Breath of Acid: Thunder Underground +Box of Glass Vials  +, Glass Vials  +, Nature's Vanguard  +,
Breath of Ice: Alter Your Breath Weapon Type +Splinter of Ice Bone  +, Essence of Ice  +
Burning Archer: 01 - Find the First Scroll +Hint for the second Burning Archer Scroll  +, The First Burning Archer Scroll  +
Burning Archer: 02 - Find the Second Scroll +The Second Burning Archer Scroll  +, Hint for the third Burning Archer Scroll  +
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