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Represents if a skill/ability is masterable. It has a type of Boolean.

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Acceleration +true  +
Accurate Breath +true  +
Allocate Health +true  +
Allowance of Power +true  +
Antolathes' Gift +true  +
Area Spellbind +false  +
Area Syphon +true  +
Armor Piercing Attack +false  +
Armor Piercing Shot +false  +
Armor of the Watcher +true  +
Aura of Command +false  +
Aura of Health +false  +
Aura of Light +false  +
Aura of Resistance +false  +
Aura of the Bear +false  +
Aura of the Mongoose +false  +
Avalanche of Ore +false  +
Awareness +false  +


Bane of Chaos +false  +
Banish Armor +false  +
Barbed Bolt +false  +
Bare Soul +false  +
Battle Hardened +true  +
Beam of Pure Energy +true  +
Berserk Rage +false  +
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