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Represents a non player character. This property has a type of Page.

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(Daily) A Race in the Sands +Cursan Litus  +
(Daily) Acquire Gudal's Sceptre of Command +Ramu Nassa  +
(Daily) Ancient Relics +Talarintesh  +
(Daily) Artifact Hunt +Vanaleir the Sentinel  +
(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Heirlooms of Tazoon +Jan Elissan, Artifact Hunter  +
(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Relics of the Welger +Jan Elissan, Artifact Hunter  +
(Daily) Assistant Zookeeper's Task +Zookeeper's Assistant  +
(Daily) Avenge Brekhantoth by slaying Ul'zilgat Broodmasters +Brekhantoth  +
(Daily) Avenge Brekhantoth by slaying Ul'zilgat Defilers +Brekhantoth  +
(Daily) Behind on my Quota +Lumberjack Narvis Tan  +
(Daily) Calling the Mountain God +Trandalar Grand Magus  +
(Daily) Carapace Hunt +Dekhail the Scout  +
(Daily) Chitin, Chitin and more Chitin +Trader Avarnos  +
(Daily) Clerical Order: Artifact Remnants +Lesser Prelate Eneth  +
(Daily) Clerical Order: Avenging the Fallen +Lesser Prelate Ardinn  +
(Daily) Clerical Order: Enchanted Grave Dust +Confessor Zenous  +
(Daily) Clerical Order: Memories of the Forgotten +Curate Bikann  +
(Daily) Collect the Revered Relic +Avarris the Learned  +
(Daily) Defeat Tallinth the Sullied +Avarris the Learned  +
(Daily) Defeat Vorath the Hated +Avarris the Learned  +
(Daily) Defeat the Blight Anchor +Steward Pratt McGrubben  +
(Daily) Delivery for Felessi +Lieutenant Helles  +
(Daily) Delivery to Bristugo +Lumberjack Narvis Tan  +
(Daily) Fish Fillets for Market Day +Helen Holcomb  +
(Daily) Flaming Tongue Hunt +Dekhail the Scout  +
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