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(Daily) Acquire Gudal's Sceptre of Command +Exalted Gudal  +
(Daily) Ancient Relics +Un'zagil Broodmother  +, Un'zagil Befouler  +, Un'zagil Flayer  +
(Daily) Artifact Hunt +Trandalaran Buccaneer  +, Trandalaran Magus  +
(Daily) Avenge Brekhantoth by slaying Ul'zilgat Broodmasters +Ul'zilgat Broodmaster  +
(Daily) Avenge Brekhantoth by slaying Ul'zilgat Defilers +Ul'zilgat Defiler  +
(Daily) Calling the Mountain God +Trandalaran Buccaneer  +, Trandalaran Magus  +
(Daily) Carapace Hunt +Snow Scarab  +, Vikinos Trudger  +
(Daily) Chitin, Chitin and more Chitin +Un'zagil Broodmother  +, Un'zagil Befouler  +, Un'zagil Flayer  +
(Daily) Clerical Order: Avenging the Fallen +Ardent Prelate  +, Ballinth the Detestable  +, Bound Spirit  +,
(Daily) Clerical Order: Memories of the Forgotten +Forgotten Soul  +, Enraged Soul  +, Lost Soul  +,
(Daily) Collect the Revered Relic +Sanctum Sentry  +, Sanctum Guard  +
(Daily) Defeat Tallinth the Sullied +Tallinth the Sullied  +
(Daily) Defeat Vorath the Hated +Vorath the Hated  +
(Daily) Defeat the Blight Anchor +Minor Anchor  +
(Daily) Flaming Tongue Hunt +Crimson Ravager  +, Crimson Shredder  +
(Daily) Hoarspur Bounty +Stark Hoarspur  +
(Daily) Kill Gang Leaders in the Ruin of Tazoon +Varan Gang-Leader  +
(Daily) Kill One Greater Epic Boss +Valkor The Impaler  +, General Reklar Plaguebearer  +, Shaloth the Queen  +,
(Daily) Kill One Lesser Epic Boss +Avatar of Pain  +, Daknor The Berserk  +, Fafnir the Defiler  +,
(Daily) Kill Sanctum Guardians +Sanctum Guard  +, Sanctum Sentry  +, Sanctum Knight  +
(Daily) Kion Militia: Kill Sergeant Khar +Sergeant Khar  +
(Daily) Kion Militia: Kill the Scorched Legion +Risen Raider  +
(Daily) Land of the Exile: Dark Stalker +Dark Stalker  +
(Daily) Land of the Exile: Hounds +Death Hound  +, Shadow Hound  +
(Daily) Land of the Exile: Traitors +Fallen Paladin  +
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Facts about "Target"
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"Has type" is a predefined property that describes the datatype of a property.
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