Prove Gangaf Is Innocent

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Prove Gangaf Is Innocent
Type: Adventure
Gangaf Tagley 
Located at:
Required adventure school:
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Previous Quest: Build A Better Automaton 
Next Quest:  

Hopefully your faith in Gangaf is well placed. Return to Old Rachival and deactivate automatons until you have both a motherboard and the circuitry he needs.

Quest text[edit]

Gangaf tells you, Thank you. Once I have the core circuitry, I know we'll be able to figure this out. You will find the Automatons you need for these components in Old Rachival.

You've collected the Core Circuitry. Now all you need is the mainboard if you don't have one already..

You've collected the Mainboard. Now all you need is the core circuitry if you don't have one already..

Gangaf tells you, Thank you so much, <player>, for your trust. It isn't often that I've had someone believe me in recent years. If you give me but a moment to look at these, I can tell you what I find.

Gangaf's eyes widen in shock,.

Gangaf tells you, I don't believe it. I truly don't believe it!

Gangaf points to a small blue something that looks to you like a gemstone tucked in the jumble of metal you'd given him..

Gangaf tells you, All these years and not one gnome noticed. Look, <player>, look right here.

Gangaf tells you, This chip right here. It is a Gnomization Chip series Y2KB. I didn't use this on any of the automatons I created because it was so untested. Oh, yes, I helped design the chip. It is designed to make automatons more like gnomes. To give them the ability to feel, to reason, to build a moral character, not just analyze and adapt to their surroundings based on data. We had built this chip on the theory that a feeling automaton was a better automaton. But in the one model we had used the chip on, the results were poor. The automaton was deactivated and deconstructed because rather than being compassionate and caring, the Gnomization Chip made it cruel and vicious. Oh my, this explains so much, <player>. But the Council will never believe me. You must take this to them and show them yourself. Show Lucky. He'll know what to do.

You have received 1 Automaton Core Circuitry.

Lucky tells you, Gangaf found something in the deactivated automaton parts? Let me see please.

Lucky tells you, Well look at that. I don't ever remember seeing a blue chip in any of the formulatrons I've built, that's for certain. And he calls it a Gnomization Chip, you say? I've never heard of such a thing. I suppose he is right, though. No one on the Council would even look at this if they knew it came from him. I will take what you have show me to the Council myself, <player>. I'm sure they will still want to know who it is that modified the automatons, and how these chips are still being made. But perhaps what you have found here will be the key to restoring Rachival, and clearing Gangaf's name as well. Thank you, thank you so much for believing in him.


  • Loot a chunk of Automaton Core Circuitry
  • Loot an Intact Mainboard
  • Hopefully your faith in Gangaf is well placed. Return to Old Rachival and deactivate Degraded Automatons until you have both a mainboard and the circuitry he needs.
  • Return to Gangaf with the circuitry and mainboard.
  • Give Gangaf a few minutes to examine the automaton parts.
  • Speak to Gangaf about what it is he doesn't believe.
  • Take the modified circuitry to Lucky the Gnome in New Rachival.

Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 114000
  • Money: 10s