Quests without level

From Istaria Lexica

Quest nameTypeSchool req.Level req.Starts at
Jolly Old Nicholas: Destination DalimondErrand0New Koraelia
Lore: Hours of FrostLore0Winter Vale
What Happened to Ted?Errand0New Koraelia
Valor and Vigilance: Search for CluesAdventure0New Trismus
Holy Symbols: The Tomb of AshlanderAdventureCleric0Tower of Clerics
Memories of the Forgotten (Part 2)Adventure0Tower of Healing
Tradok: Technomancer WoesAdventure0Tradok's Stand
More Sweet Treats for GnomekindleAdventure0New Koraelia
Tazoon Region: Attunement to Granite HillsAttunement0Granite Hills
Trials of the Gifted: Test of EnduranceErrand0Kion
Attunement to DelgarathAttunement0Delgarath
(Hourly) Blacksmith's Task: Repairing the TownCrafting0New Trismus
Attunement: EliaAdventure0Aiya
The Tomb of Ada-KorrousErrand0Tishlar
Old Rachival: Engineering a Disaster (Part 3)CraftingTinkerer0Winter Vale
Scout's Quest 3: Help Rancher Elden With a Small ProblemAdventureScout0New Trismus
Jemmei's NemesisAdventure0Heart
Vi-Liseth/sandboxUnknown / Undefined0
Tazoon Region: Attunement to Desert's EdgeAttunement0Desert's Edge
Lore Quest: Legend of the Burning Archer (Part 2)Lore0Kirasanct
Helian's Tomb: Final DesecrationAdventure0Observatory Outpost
Recovery EffortsErrand0Tishlar
Special Pants QuestCrafting0New Trismus
Earn Title: A Reel FishermanCrafting0New Koraelia
Loyalty: Title - The VenerableMiscellaneous0Bristugo
Sweet Treats for GnomekindleAdventure0New Koraelia
Valor and Vigilance: The Final ConfrontationAdventure0New Trismus Deadlands
Corruption of the Spirit IAdventure0Chiconis
Remnants of an Artifact (Part 1)Crafting0Tower of Healing
Hermey The Misfit GnomeLore0New Koraelia
Kirasanct Tundra: Attunement to Winter's PeakAttunement0Winter's Peak
Orthondrin: Helian's TrustAttunement0Observatory Outpost
Kaasha's RingAdventure0Sslanis
Holy Symbols: The Tomb of BorannisAdventureCleric0Dalimond
Pacifying the Angry (Part 2)Adventure0Tower of Healing
South March: The Essence of Research ICrafting0South March
Kalas: Haunt in the AtticErrand0New Koraelia
Feladan Forest: Attunement to Forest GuardAttunement0Forest Guard
Scout: Seek out Jyrris Wind in DalimondErrandScout0Kion
Lesser Aradoth: Attunement to ParsiniaAttunement0Parsinia
(Daily) Behind on my QuotaCrafting0Sable Shore
Trandalar Attunement: Rift's Edge (craft)Attunement0Valley of Repose
Thoran Family Revenge (Part 2)Adventure0Tishlar
King's Cross: Wolf Pelts to MarketAdventure0King's Cross
Fishing Knowledge for BammasCrafting0
Cleric's Quest 4: Spider Slayers WantedAdventureCleric0New Trismus
Earn Title: FishermanCraft0New Koraelia
The Ruined HomesteadAdventure0Ruined Homestead
Cleric's Tower: Ghostly EctoplasmAdventure0Tower of Clerics
Orthondrin's RiddleAdventure0Observatory Outpost
The NRDF needs your help!Errand0Tower of Healing
Jolly Old Nicholas: Destination SslanisErrand0New Koraelia
Loyalty: Title - The MatureMiscellaneous0Bristugo
The Commissioner's Day OffUnknown / Undefined0New Koraelia
Valor and Vigilance: A Mysterious NoiseAdventure0Pratt's Pond
Holy Symbols: Symbol of LifeCraftingCleric0Tower of Clerics
Sshranu's Pet ProjectCraftingAlchemist0Sslanis
Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse 3Errand0New Trismus
Mrs Clause's Dragon TreatCraftingDragon Crafter0New Koraelia
Tazoon Region: Attunement to Shelter PassAttunement0Shelter Pass
Trials of the Gifted: Test of WitErrand0Kion
Attunement: Island of CorvusAttunement0Frozen Tower
(Hourly) Outfitter's Task: Mend the WoundedCrafting0New Trismus
Traditions of GnomekindleLore0New Koraelia
Vandus Militia: The Reach of the Cult (Part 2)Adventure0Desert Shore
Rane: The Than'kuk Threat (Part 1)Adventure0Winter Vale
Scout's Quest 4: Spider Slayers WantedAdventureScout0New Trismus
Jemmei's Late DeliveryCrafting0Heart
(Daily) Clerical Order: Artifact RemnantsUnknown / Undefined0Tower of Healing
Vandus Confederation: Unease in TishlarErrand0Dalimond
Lore Quest: Legend of the Burning ArcherLore0Feladan
Natural Ornaments for a Gnomekindle TreeAdventure0New Koraelia
Earn Title: Champion of the Iron GuardsUnknown / Undefined0Delgarath
Blackhammer: The Lost LairErrand0Blackhammer Farmstead
The Perfect Rose Quartz ShardErrand0Heart
Loyalty: Title - The HonoredMiscellaneous0Bristugo
Return for More Dragon TreatsCraftingDragon Crafter0New Koraelia
Valor and Vigilance: Discovering The Hard FactsAdventure0Lookout Camp
Corruption of the Spirit IIAdventure0Tower of Clerics
Remnants of an Artifact (Part 2)Adventure0Tower of Healing
Jolly Old Nicholas: Destination FeladanErrand0New Koraelia
The Hidden Dragon: Tsraari's TaleErrand0Kion
Gathering Fish Across IstariaCrafting0New Brommel
Helian's Tomb (quest)Errand0Chiconis
Holy Symbols: The Tomb of CrankenspankAdventureCleric0Dalimond
Avenge the Fallen (Part 1)Adventure0Tower of Healing
South March: The Essence of Research IICrafting0South March
Kalas: A Shadow in the PastErrand0New Koraelia
Tazoon Region: Attunement to Sanctuary BayAttunement0Sanctuary Bay
The GhostbusterAdventureTinkerer0New Rachival
Attunement: Kir'IgnatAttunement0Dralk
(Daily) Delivery to BristugoErrand0Sable Shore
Banner DaysAdventure0New Koraelia
Vandus Confederation: The Problem with Cults (Part 3)Adventure0Tishlar
King's Cross: The Pack LeaderAdventure0King's Cross
Normand's Marvelous InventionUnknown / UndefinedTinkerer0Holcomb Farmstead
Cleric's Quest 5: Clear the Roadway of TreantsAdventureCleric0New Trismus
Earn Title: Hooked on Fishin'Craft0New Koraelia
The Ruined Homestead 2Adventure0Ruined Homestead
Cleric's Tower: A Fragmented SoulAdventure0Tower of Clerics
Helian's Tomb: The EntranceAdventure0Observatory Outpost
Lore: Nyestra HelianLore0Chiconis
Exchange the Signet RingErrand0Balit's Island
Jolly Old Nicholas: Destination AughundellErrand0New Koraelia
Loyalty: Title - The ExperiencedMiscellaneous0Bristugo
Errand for the Festival Commissioner's WifeCrafting0New Koraelia
Valor and Vigilance: To the Ruined HomesteadAdventure0Pratt's Pond
Corruption on the Battlefield IAdventure0Chiconis
Tazoon Region: Attunement to AubadorAttunement0Aubador
It's a Frightening WorldAdventure0New Koraelia
Lesser Aradoth: Attunement to Upper BridgeviewAttunement0Lower Bridgeview
Walking NodesAdventure0Sslanis
Attunement: Island of DahibiUnknown / Undefined0Kirasanct Tundra
(Hourly) Scholar's Task: Spells for MagesCrafting0New Trismus
How Gnomekindle Came To BeLore0New Koraelia
Plans Within PlansErrand0Desert Shore
Rane: The Than'kuk Threat (Part 2)Adventure0Winter Vale
Scout's Quest 5: Clear the Roadway of TreantsAdventureScout0New Trismus
Trials of the Gifted: Test of the SoulErrand0Kion
(Daily) Clerical Order: Avenging the FallenAdventure0Tower of Healing
Disgruntled GnomesAdventure0New Rachival
Vandus Confederation: The Problem with Cults (Part 1)Adventure0Tishlar
Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to South MarchAttunement0South March
Gnomekindle Tree Unbreakable Stone OrnamentsAdventure0New Koraelia
Resupplying the SoldiersErrand0Tishlar
Lore Quest: Galderos' HeartLore0Tower of Nature
Noncas' Lost Sunscope (Part 2)Unknown / Undefined0Dalimond
Loyalty: Title - The PerpetualMiscellaneous0Bristugo
Bobbing for Apples!Crafting0New Brommel
Attunement to Island of Ice Expedition CampAttunement0Expedition Camp
Cleansing the Corruption IAdventure0Tower of Clerics
Avenge the Fallen (Part 5)Adventure0Tower of Healing
Jolly Old Nicholas: Destination MahagraErrand0New Koraelia
The Hidden Dragon: Recovering KnowledgeCraft0Kion
Daily Riddle: Golden TreasureAdventure0New Brommel
Lore Quest: Nyrevins ApologiesLore0Tazoon
Holy Symbols: The Tomb of MoravvisAdventureCleric0Dalimond
Avenge the Fallen (Part 2)Adventure0Tower of Healing
Tradok: Carry Word to DelgarathErrand0Tradok's Stand
Kalas: A Tale for the PresentErrand0New Koraelia
Tazoon Region: Attunement to DuskholdAttunement0Duskhold
Trials of the Gifted: Test of KnowledgeErrand0Kion
Attunement: AiyaAttunement0Aiya
(Daily) Fish Fillets for Market DayCrafting0Holcomb Farmstead
(Daily) Trick or Treat!Adventure0New Brommel
Vandus Confederation: The Reach of the CultErrand0Tishlar
Joggler Snimms: Bonding the BladesAdventure0Aughundell
Scout's Quest 1: Prove Your Fighting Skills!AdventureScout0New Trismus
Cleric's Quest 6: Coordination Against BeetlesAdventureCleric0New Trismus
Trandalar Attunement: Valley of Repose (craft)Attunement0Valley of Repose
Tazoon Region: Attunement to TishlarAttunement0Tishlar
Plundered Tombs: The Tomb of HelianErrand0Tower of Clerics
Helian's Tomb: Eternal RestAdventure0Observatory Outpost
Earn Title: Of the HelianUnknown / UndefinedDragon Adventurer0Chiconis
Erase Memories of *School*Errand0Dalimond
Jolly Old Nicholas: Destination KionErrand0New Koraelia
Loyalty: Title - The AgedMiscellaneous0Bristugo
Seeking in the MazeErrand0New Koraelia
Valor and Vigilance: The Mystery ContinuesAdventure0Ruined Homestead
Corruption on the Battlefield IIAdventure0Chiconis
Avenge the Fallen (Part 3)Adventure0Tower of Healing
The Abominable Snow BeastAdventure0New Koraelia
Kirasanct Tundra: Attunement to Frost BoulderAttunement0Frost Boulder
Trials of the Gifted: The Trials CompletedErrand0Kion
Attunement: Island of ElnathAttunement0Char
Enchanted OatsCrafting0New Koraelia
Tazoon Region: Attunement to Tower of HealingAttunement0Tower of Healing
Rane: The Than'kuk Threat (Part 3)Errand0Winter Vale
Lore: Malganival LunusLore0Chiconis
Scout's Quest 6: Coordination Against BeetlesAdventureScout0New Trismus
Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to DalimondAttunement0Dalimond
(Daily) Clerical Order: Enchanted Grave DustErrand0Tower of Healing
Trandalar Attunement: Aroah's Leap (craft)Attunement0Valley of Repose
Vandus Confederation: The Problem with Cults (Part 2)Adventure0Tishlar
Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to Izzon CrestAttunement0Izzon Crest
Gnomekindle Tree SparkliesAdventure0New Koraelia
Fishing Supplies for BammasCrafting0
Iron Guard: Tochak's BountyAdventure0Aughundell
Loyalty: Title - The ImmortalMiscellaneous0Bristugo
Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse 2Adventure0New Trismus
Plundered Tombs: Investigate the Tomb of Ashlander VandusAdventure0Tower of Clerics
Cleansing the Corruption IIAdventure0Tower of Clerics
Remnants of an Artifact (Part 3)Errand0Tower of Healing
Jolly Old Nicholas: Destination KirasanctErrand0New Koraelia
The Hidden Dragon: Primal RestorationAdventure0Kion
Spring Festival Riddle: The Blacksmith and the EmperorErrand0New Brommel
Valor and Vigilance: Defend New TrismusAdventure0New Trismus
The Holy SymbolsErrandCleric0Dalimond
Memories of the Forgotten (Part 1)Adventure0Tower of Healing
Tradok: Disrupt the AttacksAdventure0Tradok's Stand
Kalas: A Warning for the FutureErrand0New Koraelia
Tazoon Region: Attunement to HeatherAttunement0Heather
Trials of the Gifted: Test of SwiftnessErrand0Kion
Attunement to Eastern OutpostAttunement0Eastern Outpost
(Daily) Trick or Treat for Dragons!Adventure0New Brommel
Eternity: Trandalaran StyleErrand0Island of Ice
The Amulet of ScorpusErrand0Tishlar
Mementos for FilletUnknown / Undefined0
Scout's Quest 2: Assisting the Militia Surplus OfficerAdventureScout0New Trismus
Jemmei's Lost GearErrand0Heart
Trandalar Attunement: Valley of the Moon (craft)Attunement0Valley of Repose
Tazoon Region: Attunement to DryartAttunement0Dryart
Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to Helian's TombAttunement0Observatory Outpost
Helian's Tomb: Power LeechesAdventure0Observatory Outpost
Earn Title: Demon SlayerAdventure0Imperial Outpost
Lore Quest: Legend of the Great HuntLore0Bruttien Homestead
Jolly Old Nicholas: Destination New TrismusErrand0New Koraelia
Loyalty: Title - The VeteranMiscellaneous0Bristugo
The Running of the MazeErrand0New Koraelia
Valor and Vigilance: Seeking RevengeAdventure0New Trismus Deadlands
Source of the CorruptionAdventure0Chiconis
Avenge the Fallen (Part 4)Adventure0Tower of Healing
Foe To FriendCrafting0New Koraelia
Kirasanct Tundra: Attunement to MorathavenAttunement0Morathaven
Iron Guard: Kalevala's BountyAdventure0Aughundell
Attunement: Island of AlgedAttunement0Aughundell Crater
Assist Eilen the Mage With Her Icy researchUnknown / Undefined0Tower of Magery
Pacifying the Angry (Part 1)Adventure0Tower of Healing
The Perfect Rose Quartz Shard (Gangaf)Crafting0Dalimond
Metal Decorations on Every Gnomekindle TreeAdventure0New Koraelia
Feladan Forest: Attunement to North SelenAttunement0North Selen
Scout's Quest 7: Speak with Geela in Kion about further trainingErrandScout0New Trismus
Attunement: SelenAttunement0Selen
(Daily) Clerical Order: Memories of the ForgottenAdventure0Tower of Healing
Trandalar Attunement: Brandon's Shelf (craft)Attunement0Valley of Repose
Thoran Family Revenge (Part 1)Adventure0Tishlar
King's Cross: Keep the Wolves at BayAdventure0King's Cross
Fishing Pole for BammasCrafting0
Cleric's Quest 3: Help Rancher Elden With a Small ProblemAdventureCleric0New Trismus
Earn Title: Apprentice FishermanCraft0New Koraelia
Revion's Quest: An Ancient CurseAdventure0New Trismus
Cleric's Tower: Ancient WrappingsAdventure0Tower of Clerics
Dragon's Quest: Find the Lost PatrolAdventureDragon Adventurer0Kion
Remnants of an Artifact (Part 4)Errand0Dalimond