Ranger: Envenomed Arrow I

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Ranger: Envenomed Arrow I
Type: Adventure
Rialtos the Wary 
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Next Quest: Ranger: Envenomed Arrow II 

Rialtos the Wary is willing to teach you a new type of attack which is deadlier than your traditional arrows. But, before he will do so you must prove your strength and dedication to him.

Quest Text[edit]

Rialtos tells you, Before you can learn what I have to teach, you must learn a thing or two about poison and poisonous creatures. Seek out the spiders known as Spinebleed and Blightbite on Lesser Aradoth. Spinebleed, being a Jungle Crawler, can usually be found in the Jungle surrounding Sslanis. Since Blightbite is a Forest Crawler, you will probably want to search within the Cedar Forest to the south of Kion. Rid the world of their presence and return to me with a sample of venom from each arachnid.

Rialtos tells you, I didn't expect you to return so soon. You've got the samples? Fine work! Once you have tasted a tiny sample of this mixture, you will be able to focus the power of the venom into your arrows. Allow me to show you how it's done...


  • Collect the Venom of the Forest Crawler Breeder known as Blightbite
  • Collect the Venom of the Jungle Crawler Breeder known as Spinebleed
  • Seek out two insects that are known for their deadly venom on Lesser Aradoth
  • Return to Rialtos the Wary in Kion with the samples of poison

Target Mobs[edit]


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