Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse

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Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse
Type: Adventure
Located at:
New Trismus 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
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Next Quest: Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse 2 

Revion is a ghost who is stuck in a windmill. He has lost his locket and wants your help getting it back.

Quest text[edit]

Revion continues moaning like this as he moves around the windmill, just repeating the same words over and over again..

Revion tells you, Aerlinneil, my beloved. Oh, my love, I am so sorry.

Revion tells you, Aerlinneil, is that you? Have you returned to me?

Revion tells you, Ah, no, I can see you are not my Aerlinneil. Who are you? <player>, you say? You look to be one of the Gifted. You can see what my fate has become, can you not? I was not so Gifted as you, young one.

Revion tells you, Aye, I called you young, for I too was young and spirited like yourself. Now, alas, I am just a spirit. Aye, me, I jest even in death! I came here to this mill what seems like many lifetimes ago, though as a spirit I have little recollection of time. I was coming here for... for... well, I do not know what, now that you mention it. But I know that fate was a cruel mistress the day I died.

Revion tells you, Yes, I came out here seeking something, but I was attacked. Viciously attacked by something out there. They ganged up on me. And in the process I lost everything. But the only thing that matters to me is the locket I was going to give to my precious Aerlinneil. Perhaps you would be willing to get it for me? You are one of the Gifted, after all, so whatever it is can't really hurt you.

You have found an old heart-shaped locket almost buried within the spider's nest beneath one of the dead spiders. You should take it back to Revion and see if it is the one he was looking for..

Revion tries to take the locket from you and it falls through his ghostly hands to the floor..

Revion tells you, Let me see it, let me see what you have found.

Revion tells you, Oh, Aerlinniel. Yes, that is the locket I had planned to give her. I remember now. I remember it all. Would you take this to her? She should be in the town.

Resliak tells you, Aerlinnel lived in New Trismus once, it is true. She's an elf who had settled here with her intended, Revion. Revion went out one day to gather wheat from a farm on the western side of the island. But he never returned. We sent out search parties, but nothing was ever found of him. Aerlinnel died not long after. It is said she died of a broken heart, as elves are often as long-lived as dragons are.

Resliak tells you, What is that you are waving around there? A locket for Aerlinnel, you say? You do not know the story, then, I see. Aerlinniel is a very old name.

Resliak tells you, If Revion is as you say and his ghost now haunts the windmill, you should return to him and seek to set him to rest once and for all. No spirit deserves such a fate.

Revion tells you, She is gone, you say? I remember now what happened. I was running from one of the small creatures, the Agh'kuk pygmies. I was defeated by him. Oh, my poor Aerlinnel. Please, I need a moment to consider this.


  • Speak to Revion.
  • Revion needs your help finding a locket he'd dropped while running from whatever it is that killed him. Perhaps he dropped it among the spiders that roam near the windmill? You should kill them and search among their nests to find out.
  • Return to Revion in the windmill on the southern part of New Trismus island.
  • You have agreed to look for Revion's love, Aerlinniel. But you do not recall hearing any such name before. Perhaps you should speak to Resliak, the oldest citizen of New Trismus, and see if he knows anything of her.
  • Talk to Resliak
  • Return to Revion and tell him that Aerlinnel has passed.

Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 350