Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse 3

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Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse 3
Type: Errand
Located at:
New Trismus 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
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Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse 2 
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Revion believes he knows now what is happening. The necklace you found earlier is likely the key. Seek out those who may know more about ghosts on the island of New Trismus to see what they have learned.

Quest text[edit]

Revion tells you, I remembered something in our time apart. That necklace you found, may I see it?

Revion tells you, Yes, this is the one. It was given to me by my friend and mentor, Attor. Attor was a sorcerer here on the island. Oh, I had no aptitude for magic, but he and his kin took me in anyway when I first arrived on the island. You don't think the necklace could be cursed, do you?

Revion tells you, Of course. Why did I not see it sooner? Oh and to think I nearly gave this to my beloved. She might have been cursed as well. You should seek out others on the island who may know more about ghosts. Perhaps where I used to call home would provide some answers. Our homestead was in the center of the island, quite a ways north of here.

You greet Braekhis and explain to her what transpired with Revion..

Braekhis tells you, Yes, yes, what you are saying does make sense and would be possible. Do you still have the necklace with you? Oh, you do not? That is most unfortunate. I believe what you are saying is true, that it is acting as a link between this world and the next for Revion's spirit. But perhaps there is another way. Give me a moment to consult my books and consider and we will speak again.


  • Speak to Revion.
  • You have heard of only one other place on the island which is haunted. Then again, no one knew about the mill until recently. None the less, you should to go Braekhis and Allanti's camp in the center of the island. Once there, speak to Braekhis first as she is most familiar with sorcery.


  • Adventure Experience: 250