Scout's Quest 2: Assisting the Militia Surplus Officer

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Scout's Quest 2: Assisting the Militia Surplus Officer
Type: Adventure
Located at:
New Trismus 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Scout's Quest 1: Prove Your Fighting Skills! 
Next Quest: Scout's Quest 3: Help Rancher Elden With a Small Problem 

Sadie the Scout feels that you are out-growing your weapon and to overcome the challenges that lay ahead you will need a new one. The Militia Surplus Officer is always looking for assistance with various tasks and deliveries so helping him out will place him in your debt, perhaps enough to earn a new weapon.

Quest text[edit]

Sadie tells you, Ah, good, there you are. Let us begin your training in earnest. But first I fear that soon you will need a new bow to help you along. A scout must be able to inflict harm to foes well before they reach the range of a sword. If you cannot, then you will die and it will not be glorious, though it may be quick.

Sadie tells you, The Militia Surplus Officer here in New Trismus can help you obtain a new bow. His name is Frelic and you should go speak with him. Return to me when you are done.

Frelic tells you, Welcome, Scout. What brings you to my warehouse this fine day? Seeking weapons of war? Armor to protect yourself? Or just looking around? A bow, you say? Yes, I have some bows left. Our stock is low after the recent attacks, but I might be willing to part with one, if you could do me a favor?

Frelic tells you, Excellent! Well, you see, I've got this suit of armor and several weapons that I need delivered to a druid named Ishenar. Perhaps you could carry it to him for me? I know he's been called into town to join the New Trismus Council, but he is so busy with council duties I'm not always sure where he can be found. Which is, of course, why I want you to deliver the goods.

You have received 1 Frelic's Box of Goods.

Ishenar tells you, Hail friend. What have you brought with you there? A box of goods for me? Well, well, this is turning out to be a good day indeed! Thank you so much, my friend. Perhaps you would be willing to do me a favor while you are here?

Ishenar tells you, That is good to hear. You see, with the recent attacks on New Trismus, the Reanimated Warriors nearby have begun closing in on the town and, well, I'm not as young as I used to be. Perhaps you could help us out? Kill five of them and then return here. May the Hand of Merrasat guide you!

Well done! You have slain a sufficient number of the skeletons to satisfy Ishenar. Return to him at once!.

Ishenar tells you, I watched you from afar and you did very well, <player>. I commend you on your skills as a scout. I expect to be hearing your name again one of these days. Take this coin as payment for your efforts and send my compliments to Frelic for the goods. My thanks!

Frelic tells you, Ah, good, there you are! You successfully delivered the box of goods to Ishenar? Well done, <player>. As promised, here is a new bow for your efforts.

You have received 1 Refurbished Cedar Composite Shortbow.

Sadie tells you, There you are, Scout. You obtained a new bow from Frelic? Good. You have done well and you are ready to continue your training. Come back when you are rested.


  • Speak with Frelic the Militia Surplus Officer about a new weapon.
  • Deliver the goods to Ishenar. He's said to be somewhere within the town but Frelic wasn't quite sure where.
  • Assist Ishenar by killing five (5) skeletons near the town.
  • Speak with Ishenar
  • Return to Frelic for your weapon
  • Speak with Sadie the Scout

Target mobs[edit]