Scout's Quest 3: Help Rancher Elden With a Small Problem

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Scout's Quest 3: Help Rancher Elden With a Small Problem
Type: Adventure
Located at:
New Trismus 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Scout's Quest 2: Assisting the Militia Surplus Officer 
Next Quest: Scout's Quest 4: Spider Slayers Wanted 

Sadie the Scout has been asked to send help to Rancher Elden. He's having problems with the grulets around his farm and all his usual help is off assisting with the building of the walls around New Trismus.

Quest text[edit]

Sadie tells you, Well, well, Scout. Back again for more training are you? Very well. You shall learn to help others. Rancher Elden has made his home just south of here. Recently his ranch hands have had to help with building the walls and defending New Trismus itself from further raids. And while they've been gone, the grulets have been getting bolder, even coming into his stores of feed at nights. So you will help him, and help the Empire as well, by killing 10 of these little grulets. Then report to him to let him know what you've done.

You have killed the required number of grulets and thinned the herd enough..

Elden tells you, Good day to you, Saris. What can I help you with? Ah, so you're the one who has been killing the grulets for me. I wondered when they didn't come raiding my stores who it was. My thanks. And my gratitude to the Empire as well for sending help during such a stressful time.

Sadie tells you, Were you able to accomodate Elden's needs? Yes? By Merrassat, you have done well! Well done, <player>. You have practiced your skills and Elden is now indebted to you. That debt may be useful in the future. Do not leave just yet, for there is more to do!


  • Travel to the area around the ranch just south of town and slay 10 Grulets. Once done you'll report to Rancher Elden of your success.
  • Report to Rancher Elden that you have helped him out with his little grulet problem.
  • Speak with Sadie about your training

Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 300
  • Money: 1s 250c