Scout: Seek out Jyrris Wind in Dalimond

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Scout: Seek out Jyrris Wind in Dalimond
Type: Errand
Located at:
Required adventure school:
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You have gained enough knowledge to move onwards seeking new knowledge. You have been directed to speak with the Scout Trainer in Dalimond.

Quest text[edit]

Geela tells you, Yes, you are ready. Geela can teach you no more, <player>. You must seek out Jyrris Wind, the reknowned scout, in Dalimond. How do you get there? Take the road south to Lower Bridgeview, cross over, and then head east.

Jyrris tells you, You are a new student, I take it? Yes, yes, I can tell by the way you hold your bow... You are luck to have caught me, young <player>, for I am rarely in town these days. I find it relaxing to be out among the trees, always seeking what is over the next hill, around the next bend, and just over the horizon. You too may one day feel the call, you may even feel it now. Good! We will take that, harness it, and teach you how to use it properly. When you are ready to continue your training, return here to speak with me. I will remain in-town for a while longer.


  • Seek out the reknowned scout, Jyrris Wind, in Dalimond


  • Adventure Experience: 250