Sergeant Dylan

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Sergeant Dylan is a Dwarf of the Iron Guard.

Sergeant Dylan
Location: Delgarath
Rating: 106
School: Chaos Warrior
Health: 20
Coordinates: 28548 / 27225
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Dylan tells you, 'Well met, <player>, and welcome to Delgarath! I'm Dylan, Sergeant of the Iron Guard and in charge around here. Did you need information about the town, or were you looking for work?

Sergeant Dylan sells:

Item Cost
Dwarven Relic Collection 100Silver 
Feberlock Fungus Processing 1Silver 250Copper 
Master Tech Kit: Myloc Rune 187Silver 500Copper 
Myloc Ally 187Silver 500Copper 
Shadow Essence Orb 320Silver 

Quests Available[edit]

QuestAdv. SchoolAdv. LevelCraft SchoolCraft Level
Attunement to Delgarath00
Earn Title: 1st Shaloth00
Earn Title: 2nd Shaloth00
Earn Title: 3rd Shaloth00
Earn Title: 4th Shaloth00
Earn Title: 5th Shaloth00
Earn Title: Keymaker0Tinkerer100
Earn Title: Keymaster0Tinkerer100
Earn Title: Scorpion Hunter00
Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): King Dralnok's Fate1000
Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): The Hammer of Kings1000
Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): The Torturers1000
Earn Title: Antidote Expert1000
Earn Title: Avenger of the Iron Guards1000
Earn Title: Beetle Crusher1000
Earn Title: Beetle Squisher1000
Earn Title: Beetle Swatter1000
Earn Title: Champion of the Iron Guards1000
Earn Title: Creepy Crawler Crusher1000
Earn Title: Defender of the Iron Guards1000
Earn Title: Dung Fighter Title the First1000
Earn Title: Dung Fighter Title the Second1000
Earn Title: Dung Fighter Title the Third1000
Earn Title: Enemy of Bioscholars1000
Earn Title: Enemy of Technomancers1000
Earn Title: Myloc Hunter1000
Earn Title: Myloc Slayer1000
Earn Title: Mylocs' Bane1000
Earn Title: Purifier1000
Earn Title: Relic Hunter1000
Earn Title: Relic Protector1000
Earn Title: Scorpion Slayer1000
Earn Title: Scorpions' Bane1000
Earn Title: Treasure Hunter1000
Earn Title: Treasure Plunderer1000