Sigrun's Last Request

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Sigrun's Last Request
Type: Lore
Spirit of Sigrun 
Located at:
Dralnok's Doom 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest:  
Next Quest: Sigrun's Letter 

Quest text[edit]

Sigrun tells you, Hail, friend - no, no, I mean you no harm! I am a spirit, true, but I am no minion of the Withered Aegis. It is duty which binds me here, not necromancy. Tell me, friend, does Aughundell yet stand?

Sigrun tells you, Justice and honor, that is bright news indeed, and I thank you for it. How are you called, friend? Well met, <player>, well met indeed. As for myself, I am - or rather, I was - Sigrun of the Iron Guard. We came here many years ago, under the command of King Dralnok himself, determined to hunt down and crush the undead leaders who masterminded the Third Siege of Aughundell. We came to Delgarath and found the undead in a great commotion over these caverns. We smashed through their defenses, overcame the digging parties, and entered this place in order to stop whatever plan was in the works here. Once this area was cleared, I was one of the rear guard, ordered to remain here and hold this position.

Sigrun tells you, What the King found in the areas beyond, I never knew. I and the others here heard only the cries of message runners, shouting to us to collapse the tunnel. We asked not why, but fell to the task with great haste. We brought down the supports, but the roof remained firmly in place, taunting us. I dropped my pack and took from it a bottle of whiskey and a bundle of signal rockets, then ran down here, to where the roof was weakest. I poured whiskey on the rockets and packed them into a fissure in the wall, then lit them with my torch. As the rockets exploded, the roof began to buckle, but it was still not enough. I climbed up the wall, crying to Brobbet for strength, and smote the roof of the tunnel with my hammer. Brobbet heard my prayer, for the roof gave way at last and I was buried under a rain of stones and dirt. Thus it was that I died. Yet, my spirit endured and I found myself bound here.

Sigrun tells you, To my great sorrow, I could do little but watch as the undead returned and resumed their work. In time they were able to dig out most of this tunnel again, but they have never successfully resumed construction in this area. Something keeps driving them back every time they attempt it. For a time I thought it might be my companions in the Iron Guard holding that line, but I have long since abandoned any such hopes. I thought never to see a living being walking these halls ever again, nor did I think that the living could ever see or speak with me. I'll own that I have no right to beseech you for favors, <player>, but there is a small matter that can only be resolved by the hands of the living. May I ask for your aid in this?

Sigrun tells you, You have my deepest thanks, <player>. What I would ask for is your help recovering a letter, written before I died and taken by the undead in the years since. When you are ready, speak to me again and I'll tell you what I can of it.


  • Listen to Sigrun's tale of how she died.