Snowy Expedition

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Snowy Expedition
Type: Errand
Dantor the Scout 
Located at:
Island of Fire and Ice 
Required adventure school:
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Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
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Required skill level:
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An expedition departed Dantor's Camp several days ago and has not checked in since. The Island of Ice has many dangers, not the least of which is the frigid winds, and so Dantor is getting a little worried.

Quest text[edit]

Dantor tells you, <player>, I could use your help. You see, an expedition passed through this very camp a few days ago and headed onto the Island of Ice. I was confident they could make their way at first, but its been several days and I have not heard a word!

Dantor tells you, I am becoming worried about their safety. There are many dangers on the island, not the least of which is the frigid winds that scour the snow-covered slopes. If they fell victim to the beasts that are found there or, worse, if the fire they took went out they could be in terrible danger.

Dantor tells you, I would ask you, <player>, to take this fire with you and proceed as quickly as you can to the expedition's camp, wherever it may be on the island, and make sure they are safe.

Vanaleir tells you, Welcome, <player>. You look cold, why don't you sit down by the fire. What brings you to our remote camp? Surely it isn't the scenery! *he chuckles*

Vanaleir tells you, Dantor was worried about us, was he? Well, well. Who would have thought he'd have any bit of warmth in that old heart. I shall remember that and you for bringing word and warmth to us.


  • Take the Burning Brand to the Expedition's Camp on the Island of Ice. When you reach there you should speak to the Sentinel of the camp.
    You've got a time limit of 30 minutes, that's plenty of time if you know the way.
  • Talk to Vanaleir


  • Adventure Experience: 36400
  • Money: 7s 450c