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Location: Dalimond
Rating: 25
School: Imperial Recognition Officer
Health: 170
Coordinates: 22674 / 22708
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Solistan is the Imperial Recognition Officer. Once you reached level 100 in a crafting school, he rewards you with an expert .

Solistan tells you, Hello there good Miss. My name is Solistan, and I have been instructed by the Empire to seek out skilled crafters and offer them recognition for their hard work and assistance to the citizens of Istaria. If you have attained Expert level skill within your current crafting school, let me know, and I will officially award you the title of Expert within your craft.

Solistan tells you, Oh, good to see you again <player>! I see you still have the Emblem I gave you for the Miner School. I can only offer Emblems for the school you are currently in. So if you are looking for one for another school, you must first go join that school.

Quests available[edit]

No quests for this NPC.

Available titles[edit]

Hint: To (re-)gain any of the titles you need to visit Solistan with the desired crafting school being active.

Title: Expert AlchemistLevel 100 Alchemist
Title: Expert ArmorerLevel 100 Armorer
Title: Expert BlacksmithLevel 100 Blacksmith
Title: Expert CarpenterLevel 100 Carpenter
Title: Expert ConfectionerLevel 100 Confectioner
Title: Expert Dragon CrafterLevel 100 Dragon Crafter
Title: Expert EnchanterLevel 100 Enchanter
Title: Expert FitterLevel 100 Fitter
Title: Expert FletcherLevel 100 Fletcher
Title: Expert GathererLevel 100 Gatherer
Title: Expert JewelerLevel 100 Jeweler
Title: Expert MasonLevel 100 Mason
Title: Expert MinerLevel 100 Miner
Title: Expert OutfitterLevel 100 Outfitter
Title: Expert ScholarLevel 100 Scholar
Title: Expert SpellcrafterLevel 100 Spellcrafter
Title: Expert TailorLevel 100 Tailor
Title: Expert TinkererLevel 100 Tinkerer
Title: Expert WeaponsmithLevel 100 Weaponsmith
Title: Expert WeaverLevel 100 Weaver
Title: Grand Master CrafterLevel 100 all Crafting Schools
Title: Master BuilderLevel 100 in 5 crafting schools