South March: The Essence of Research II

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South March: The Essence of Research II
Type: Crafting
Scholar Julius Scipionis 
Located at:
South March 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: South March: The Essence of Research I 
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Scholar Scipionis has heard rumors of the Dead Pool for years and believes he has an opportunity to further his study of the magics that lie within that foul location. With the essence you provided him he has made a research breakthrough!

Quest text[edit]

Julius tells you, Back for more, are you <player>? Hm. Well, perhaps for one as persistent and as gull... uh... enthusiastic... yes. enthusiastic as you are I can make an exception, this time. The essence you brought me has proved to be quite interesting and I have made several discoveries already, unlocking secrets of its properties and uses only hinted at by the greatest scholars of Ages past.

Julius tells you, What I have discovered, <player>, is that Blighted Essence can be concentrated and mixed with other materials until it solidifies. It does not become hard like a rock, but it does reach a semi-liquid state almost like a salve. This concentrate can then be applied to armor and will produce an extremely strong resistance to ethereal attacks. Yes, I am almost sure of it.

Julius tells you, Now, what I need first is a test subject. Yes, you will do! As my first test subject you will need to gather some additional materials with which I will mix the concentrated essence. Grave Dust taken from the sarcophagi, Purified Pale Essence Orbs, and a health dose of water.

You have gathered sufficient Grave Dust for use in Scholar Scipionis' tests..

You have collected sufficient Water for use in Scholar Scipionis' tests..

Julius tells you, You have collected them all? So, er, so fast? *he appears to be a little surprised* Uh, er, good job <player>. You were... uh... diligent at your task. *he shakes his head* Well, let us see what we have. Grave Dust, yes, Purified Orbs, good good, and water. Let us begin! I will combine these together with the concentrated essence. Give me a few minutes, <player>.

Scholar Scipionis has likely completed combining the components with the concentrated essence..

Julius tells you, Ah, good, just in time <player>. I have completed the process and I have your Ethereal Essence Salve. Simply take this and apply it to a piece of your armor and it should enhance your resistance to all things ethereal. Go ahead, take it and try it out!

You have received 1 Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Ethereal Essence Salve.


  • Listen to Scholar Scipionis
  • Gather ten (10) units of Grave Dust from Sarcophagi found in tombs on the Dalimond Peninsula
    You need to collect it on your own.
  • Collect twenty (20) units of Water to use as a base
    You need to collect it on your own.
  • Julius will also need eight (8) Purified Pale Essence Orbs to use in the mixture. Once you acquire those, return with all the components to Julius Scipionis in South March
    You do not need to create those on your own.
  • Wait for Scholar Scipionis to finish combining the components
  • Speak with Scholar Scipionis in South March