Special Pants Quest

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Special Pants Quest
Type: Crafting
Ghost of Sammy Specialpants 
Located at:
New Trismus 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
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The Ghost of Sammy Specialpants has sent you on a quest to learn about some unusual flaxen spools that he knew how to make long ago.

Quest text[edit]

Upon accepting the Quest.
"Sammy Specialpants tells you, We gnomes know all about "special" pants! Here's how you obtain them... Step 1: When I was alive, I would have given you a formula to make five spools of "special" cloth. But I cannot now. Step 2: ... Step 3: Profit! But there is another on the island that knows how to make "special" pants! Go talk to Johald the outfitter, and he'll help you. You can find him near the flax fields on the other side of New Trismus."

Upon talking to Johald
"Johald tells you, Oh, yes, I know all about "special" pants. Sammy was well known throughout the empire, and we were all saddened to hear of his death. But I will help you learn to make these pants to carry on his legacy. Take this formula, create the necessary cloth spools, and return here to me."

Upon bringing 5 "Special" cloth spools to Johald
"Johald tells you, Well done, <Name>. Now that you have learned to craft the "special" spools, you can go make "special" pants of your own. Here is the formula. Good day!"


  • Speak with Johald the Outfitter near the Flax Fields
When you speak with Johald, he will give you a Formula: Special Fabric Spool.
  • Create 5 "special" cloth spools
  • Give the spools to Johald the Outfitter
Just simply speak to Johald with the special spools.