Spiritist: Sort Out the Kion Beetle Problem

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Spiritist: Sort Out the Kion Beetle Problem
Type: Adventure
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Kion is having a bit of trouble with a particularly nasty Loricatus Beetle named Gritus Maximus. It can be found wandering to the north and west of the shrine.

Quest text[edit]

Upon accepting the quest:
"Kamilari tells you, I'm glad to see you. I have a task that calls for your skills. Apparently, there is some sort of problem west of Kion. There's an unusual beetle there that's causing some problems. Its shell is abnormally tough, so the locals are having trouble dealing with it. Your spells, though, should not be stopped by this shell. Please go and take care of the problem. The beetle seems to mostly wander around to the west of town."

After killing Gritus Maximus (In quest chat):
"The monster is dead! Return to speak with Kamilari in Kion."

Upon returning to Kamilari:
"Kamilari tells you, Well done! I knew your spells would win the day where brute force did not. No mere physical shell can prevent one's spirit from being torn assunder."


Target mobs[edit]