Ssthar the Elder

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Ssthar the Elder
Location: Sslanis
Health: 20
Coordinates: 19914 / 21616
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Ssthar tells you, Do you know of the Sslik? Do you know of the way the Sslik were treated in ages past? When Humans were rising to power in their cities and the Sslik were nomads, traveling across Greater Aradoth, we were shunned and persecuted. The Humans drove us away, claiming the land piece by piece and forcing us aside, for the Sslik were different than them. Eventually the Sslik came here. The Saris truly treated us as equals, and for that they earned the friendship of the Sslik. Lesser Aradoth is our home, and the Sslik fought hard to gain and keep it. For some, the past is perhaps not so easily shoved aside. For most of the Sslik, the past is past, and the challenge of the Withered Aegis is more important.

Quests available[edit]

The First Hunt II20