Sweet Treats for Gnomekindle

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Sweet Treats for Gnomekindle
Type: Adventure
Mrs Clause 
Located at:
New Koraelia 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest:  
Next Quest: More Sweet Treats for Gnomekindle 

Mrs Clause has a problem. She had ordered Peppermints from her sister, but they haven't arrived. She's thinking the delivery man might have delivered them to the wrong house.

Quest text[edit]

Mrs tells you, Oh my, oh my. I just don't know what I'm going to do. The guests are already starting to arrive, and the peppermints from my sister have not arrived. She promised to ship them to me weeks ago, and now Gnomekindle has started and they aren't here yet. What am I going to do?

Mrs tells you, My sister has this special recipe for the most delicious peppermint candies. Everyone loves them. But she refuses to share the recipe with me, so I asked her to send me some for Gnomekindle. She agreed and promised she would ship them weeks ago, as I said. You see, she doesn't trust the magic portals. So instead of using normal express shipment, she was sending them overland. All the way from her home on Trandalar to me here for the celebration. I tried to tell her that the scent of the sweet treats would attract trouble, but she wouldn't listen.

I tracked them all the way to here on this new island. My dragon trackers report them as having been delievered, actually. I'm afraid I know what happened.

Mrs tells you, I think they were delivered to the wrong house. They must have been left at the house up the hill.

Be a dear and run up there and fetch them for me, will you please?. Just be wary of those wolves as you go up. They might have gotten into them, actually. But I'm sure they wouldn't have gotten all of them, would they? I'll give you one Istarian Express Check for every 10 peppermints you bring me. That's what my sister charged for them, so I might as well pay you instead of her.

When you have collected enough peppermints to make Mrs. Clause happy, take them to her in Gnomekindle Town..

Mrs tells you, Oh, my peppermints. Oh, <player>, thank you so very much. These are just what I needed. I'll give them to the most important guests first. Oh, of course, your Check. Let me get that for you.

You have received 1 Istarian Express Check.


  • Listen to Mrs.Clause's story.
  • Search for peppermints around the house up on the hill. Mrs Clause suspects that the wolves may have gotten into the peppermints, but she's sure you can find some somewhere up there.
  • You have collected 10 peppermints. Return to Mrs. Clause now and exchange them for a Check.

Target mobs[edit]