Talios the Builder

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Talios the Builder
Location: Kion
Rating: 25
School: Mason
Health: 20
Coordinates: 20287 / 24413
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Talios tells you, Welcome back to Kion, <player>! Your assistance with helping rid the city of the sand beetles was most appreciated! Do you have any interest in the construction trade skills? If so, you could become a Mason, a Carpenter, a Weaver, an Enchanter and a Fitter.

Talios tells you, Masons, such as myself, work primarily with stone, producing the large blocks of stone that make up the foundation and walls of the buildings we live in and use each day. You need experience with stoneworking (150 Skill) in order to learn this trade. Most Masons typically start as blacksmiths, miners or scholars first. When you are ready, Amaris in Parsinia teaches Masonry.

Talios tells you, Carpenters are masters of working with wood and lumber. They produce many of the heavy wooden timbers that are used to support ceilings and upper floors of buildings. To become a carpenter you need to become familiar with lumbering (Skill 150). Most carpenters begin by learning the trades of either blacksmith, fletcher, or gatherer. If you are ready to learn more about carpentry, then you should seek out Maruna in Parsinia.

Talios tells you, Weavers are masters of constructing tents as well as other types of materials such as bolts and tapestries. You should be knowledgable in either spinning of tanning (Skill 150) to learn the trade of weaving. Most Weavers typically learn their skills as outfitters, gatherers or tailors. When you are ready to learn more about Weaving, seek out Bashale here in Kion.

Talios tells you, Enchanters are a construction trade that specializes in creating structures out of magical essence. You will need to learn how to do Essence Shaping (Skill 150) in order to learn more about enchanting. Most enchanters learn their trade as scholars, alchemists or gatherers first. When you wish to become an Enchanter or learn more about the trade, seek out Klaatos in Sslanis.

Talios tells you, Fitters are a construction trade that works with metal, creating the braces and joints that hold buildings together. To become a fitter you will need to learn more about smelting (Skill 150). Most fitters typically begin their trade as blacksmiths, outfitters, jewelers or miners. When you wish to learn more about Fitting, seek out Unaya in Parsinia.

Talios tells you, You may have noticed that Parsinia is not a town that you can reach by the Travel Gate here in town. But it is a town here on Lesser Aradoth. What you will need to do is take the West Road out of Kion and follow it down the western side of Lesser Aradoth until you reach Parsinia. There, speak with the man at the Travel Gate and he will "attune" you to that gate. This will allow you to see it as a destination in the future and make travelling there much easier!

Quests available[edit]

Clear Loricatus Beetles From The Construction Zone10