Tame the Cyclone

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Tame the Cyclone
Type: Adventure
Nature Keeper Iseru 
Located at:
Tower of Nature 
Required adventure school:
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Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
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Required skill level:
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Quest text[edit]

Iseru tells you, So you wish to harness the fury of the cyclone? This is not a power to be taken lightly. Before you can capture the storm, you must understand the storm. Climb to the top of this tower and meditate on the wind and the clouds. These are the forces behind the cyclone. Their substance must be drawn into the soul and released back into the sky. When this is accomplished, you will have established the spiritual flow necessary to become one with the tempest.

Gazing out into the endless sky, you are buffeted by blasts of wind that can only be found at such an elevation. You decide there could not be a better place to meditate upon the primal forces basic to all storms..

These clouds are pretty. One of them looks a bit like a maggot..

You have not yet achieved enlightenment..

As you consider the world from this elevated position, you suddenly feel a rushing sensation within your mind. A pressure begins to build within you, and you feel your psyche being tossed about like a leaf in a hurricane. Just as you begin to feel as if you are being torn apart, you remember what Iseru said about letting go. You release your hold on the inner storm and will it to flow out of your soul much as it entered..

Iseru tells you, Ah, you've returned. I can see in your eyes that you have come to understand what it means to be the storm. Now all that remains is to capture the physical essence of the tempest. Travel now to the tarn beneath the floating island. Obtain storm essence from 3 of the wisps there and liberate the Tempest Phylactery from the Tempest Golem. Return to me when you have done this.

Iseru tells you, You've done it! The power of the cyclone is yours to command. Keep these items; you will need them for the creation of the spell. Never forget the lessons you have learned here -- the storm cannot be contained, only guided by those who understand it.

You have received 1 Spell: Dark Cyclone.


  • Climb to the top of the Tower of Nature.
    Greet the Cloud Wisp, then wait a bit until the quest updates.
  • Meditate upon the essence of the storm.
  • Return to Iseru inside the Tower of Nature.
    Have fun jumping down :-)
  • Liberate the Tempest Phylactery from the Tempest Golem that inhabits the tarn beneath the floating island.

Target mobs[edit]