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This template is an alternative to {{Coords}}. It additionally provides a (map) link to istariareference.com.

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  • Automatically hides if one of the coordinates is missing.
  • Please provide the coordinates as integer.
  • Ensure you use a single line, do not add any blanks or new-lines!
  • Available istariareference.com maps as of 2016/05/03:
    Note: Be sure to write the name down exactly (case sensitive)
  • Aughundell
  • Balit
  • Chiconis
  • Dalimond
  • Drakul
  • Dralk
  • Doom
  • Drowned
  • Feladan
  • FieryRift
  • HeliansTomb
  • IsleBattle
  • Kion
  • Kirasanct
  • Mahagra
  • Memorial
  • NB (New Brommel)
  • NK (New Koraelia)
  • NR (New Rachival)
  • NT (New Trismus)
  • NV (New Vassarak)
  • Rift
  • Skalkaar
  • SI (Spirit Isle)
  • Sslanis
  • Tazoon
  • Ashlander




|x      Latitude coordinate of the place. Integer only!
|y      Longitutde coordinate of the place. Integer only!
|map =  (optional) Open an alternative map. Defaults to the 'Istaria' map.



Results in...

8938/46315 (map)

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