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Use this template to create a new article about a consumable food.


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Template:Food Summary parameters[edit]

{{Food Summary
|type        = Type of the food. For available type, refer to the list on 'Editor's reference card'
|description = A small description of the food, if available.
|effects     = Effects the food delivers (ex. stats, buffs, ...)
|fadetime    = For Death Point reducing food: Base time amount the food will reduce on use. (ex. 2:10:00)
|recycle     = Recycle time for the food to be re-usable again
|formula     = Formulas this food can be created with
|minskill    = Minimum skill needed to be able to craft it
|tool        = Tool needed to craft the food
|machine     = Machine needed to craft the food
|ingredients = Ingredients needed to craft the food

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