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Use this template to create a new article about an item.


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Create a new page[edit]

To create a page using this template, please insert a title and confirm:


Template:Item Summary parameters[edit]

{{Item Summary
|description          = Description text of the item
|item type            = Type of the item. Please refer to the list mentioned above.
|slots                = amout of slot the item offers
|slotsused            = amount of tech slots the items needs to be applied
|attuned              = item will be attuned when used
|bulk                 = bulk value of the item
|hoardvalue           = hoard value of the item
|price                = value of the item to pawn broker
|tier                 = Tier of the item (useful for crafting components and resources)
|formula-requirements = what is required to scribe this formula?
|formula-products     = what products does the formula offer when scribed?
|image                = alternative image filename to be shown

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