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Pet Summary Shoulder



Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)


Brief summary about a shoulder pet.

On pages having invalid characters for filenames in their name (colons for example), adding a new image using the info box will not show it. You're still able to add it manually, just add a line '|image=<uploaded filename>' to the below code


{{Pet Summary Shoulder
|description =
|requires    =
|attuned     =
|effects     =
|image       =
|boost1      =
|value1      =
|boost2      =
|value2      =
|boost3      =
|value3      =
|boost4      =
|value4      =


{{Pet Summary Shoulder
|description = the pet's description text, if available. Use <br/> for line breaks.
|requires    = usually the level requirement
|attuned     = whether the pet will be attuned or not
|effects     = Effects names
|image       = Alternative image name
|boost1      = First Boost name (ex. Blight resistance)
|value1      = First Boost value (ex +25)
|boost2      = Second Boost name
|value2      = Second Boost value
|boost3      = and so on ...
|value3      =
|boost4      =
|value4      =


{{Pet Summary Shoulder
|description = Carved out of the living wood of Festival Treants, this Shoulder Treant appers eerily realstic as it perches on you shoulder.<br/><br/>Is it grinning at you? Are its eyes following your every move? Was that a voice you heard in your ear?
|requires    = Current Adventure Level Minimum (1) 
|attuned     = yes
|effects     = Punctured
|image       =
|boost1      = Blight Resistance
|value1      = +15
|boost2      = Nature Resistance
|value2      = +15
|boost3      = Flame Resistance
|value3      = -10
|boost4      = Slash Resistance
|value4      = -10

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